Tara Hill Personal Statement

Scholarship Entrant: Tara from Cincinnai, Ohio
Essay Question: If you could earn a living doing what you love most, what would it be, and how would it change the world? Describe the specific goals you would set to make that dream a reality.
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Life is a process that people go through. We encounter various experiences some of which define the goals and decisions that we make (Norris, 2011). It has always been my desire to pursue education to the highest level and change the lives of many people in the society. This I do believe will come true if I am awarded a scholarship. This statement recounts my academic history, goals and plan to use the scholarship.
Even as we pursue our academic dream we encounter challenges that at times if not well managed derails our visions. Finding out that I was dyslexic was the greatest challenge I ever experienced in my life. I noticed this during my first year after I noticed that I had numerous problems with my schoolwork. This was not the situation during my high school level as I performed exemplary well scoring an average of A. Even though there was a program on channel 19 news station in the city that provided adult with learning disability services, I did not seek any help as I did not understand what had gone wrong with my life. Because of the persistence of the problem however, I decided to seek medical attention from the disability services. I was dissolutioned but remained optimistic and resilient. I decided to drop out of school and began working and visiting all sorts of doctors seeking help.
Even with this challenge, I never gave up and in 2005; I decided to go back to UCBA to find out whether I could get assistance on how I could meet my academic goals. Their services that cater for disabled students provided me with enough support to help pick myself up. To overcome this situation, I gained courage and desired to be an independent person able to do my own things. I started sharing with other people like my teachers about dyslexia and took a personal initiative of working to improve my situation and condition, through this sharing, I started my journey to recovery and this helped reunite my concentration and focus.
Now as a senior nest in the school of social work, I have a goal of becoming a social worker to help people with disabilities. I have experienced the agony these people go through and I feel that with my skills and knowledge I can help them deal with this challenge and enable them lead a fulfilling life. I believe that education is the most important aspect in empowering such people and as such I will strive to champion education to people with disabilities. I also believe that these people require mentorship and people to talk to inorder to help them enhance their level of self-confidence. I never had people to share with and this impacted negatively in my life and road to recovery.
In five years time I believe that I will have attained a PhD in Social Work. This is a dream I have always thought about and I have the ability to reach this far. The reason for aiming for this achievement is not only to accomplish my dreams but most importantly to transform the lives of as many people as I can. I will in addition be in a position to get involved in issues within the disabled community and inspire many through my personal experiences. The support that people with disabilities get from family and friends is very critical and this will be as well my agenda to ensure that society stands and supports every one.
The scholarship therefore is very important in aiding the achievement of my dreams. It will contribute to academic, professional and personal goals. It opens up an opportunity and make me come close to fulfill my academic career. On the professional side, it will equip me with relevant skills and knowledge that will impact on the lives of many in the society. It also will allow me to accomplish my goal of achieving highly in my academics and impacting positively on the society (Moussa, 2000). It as well signifies that with determination and dedication, challenges are a stepping stone to our success and people should not lack confidence but endeavor and press on to achieve their goals.

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