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Scholarship Entrant: Chris from Astoria, New Yrok
Essay Question: If you could earn a living doing what you love most, what would it be, and how would it change the world? Describe the specific goals you would set to make that dream a reality.
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My name is Chris. I was eating a box of yodels 2 weeks ago, rationing it for a week for enjoyment. It gave me lots of pimples, oh well, the price you pay to dessert sweetness. Now people are not perfect, we all have flaws. My passion is food and exercise, but yes i enjoy desserts, cookies, ice cream, cakes; and yes i can be lazy, I take naps many times. If i had the money, which I will in the future, I will use the money to help create a healthier lifestyle for people. See the problem for many is their lack of understanding to what’s good or not. It’s not our fault, just the way the system works. The system of food, exercise, diets, what’s healthy, better, cheaper; it’s all confusing.
Perfection is not what i strive for, but exceeding my capability, mental control, and eating urges. I am not one to constantly eat junk food, however, sometimes you just got to enjoy some rainbow cookies. People call me lazy for taking naps, but were you up 2 in the morning until 6 in the morning and then going to work or to school? No. I nap when my energy levels are low, to rejuvenate my alertness and energy. People don’t understand that if your tired you need to rest, not drink coffee, energy drinks or caffeine, but simply rest. You tire your body even more, hence crash because your unnaturally forcing your body to stay awake.
Ever since my return from Ecuador, I’ve take responsibility of my future to make this love for food and exercise concrete and sufficient. I’ve been volunteering on my free time at food pantries and at a WIC center. Ive experimented with ways on improving my health habits including smoothie/milkshake making, as well as opening my choices of protein selections and vegetable, fruit options. Cooking is still a come and go goal because when my mother cooks, I chose not to let it go to waste, therefore I make sure its gone by eating it so I can’t always cook for myself. Im slowly evolving my skills to cook, my next step is cooking beans because I need to increase my protein levels. I have also made the decision to volunteer at two different food pantries so that i may receive good healthy quality food choices, than what the popular shopper purchases.
Moreover, I’m experimenting exercises so that I become familiar with exercises and workouts, so I may see what works and or helps. Names and muscles I still get stuck on, but I’m working on it. Circuits is the way for beginners, I can not superset or try failure just yet; I’m not an advanced athlete yet. I have a great old junior high friend to help me with questions and guidance since he received his personal trainer certificate. He’s insane, he can go on all day about exercise, sometimes I don’t even understand the guy because of the terms he uses. Most of the times I’m like “What Roger?”, he’ll explain the concept and then “oh” since half the time I have heard about the idea/concept before, just not aware of the term its called.
I find that sometimes making people stick to a fixed routine, like a planned out routine for everyone to do exactly may be difficult to accomplish and boring in the long run. Therefore, I always listen to the ideas people have tried or enjoyed. Example, instead of the gym because of lack of money, or distance to a gym, try going to the park to try calisthenics, or weights at home. Sometimes its about doing it with someone for support and to make it fun. Even lack of time where finding creative ways to do exercise while saving time and money helps such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Practice good posture and bracing at work. Stretch in the shower, practice balance and/or toe raises when waiting in line. Run to the bus when you see it, or jog home instead of the bus. Buy a bike instead of always relying on bus/train or your car.
It’s also about encouraging what people want to try out. Sometimes people have certain goals they would like to accomplish like getting skinnier for ballet, or stronger for break dance moves, faster for running miles. If theres something they would like to try because they find it interesting, don’t let them down. I would even enjoy trying it with them if its new to me, it will be fun and they will find it supportive, even if your not being the trainer; but you can gain a friend out of it because of the experience.
Now I spend most of my traveling on foot; even though i usually don’t go far, unless to work or party with friends. However, i choose to jog when I’m heading somewhere at least a little. Soon I will get my bike fixed and a new lock since I have been months without a bike and I totally miss it. My future goal is to join the bike marathon, but for now I’ll just choose to volunteer for one; the next one is in October, so I will get the chance to witness bikers compete, I’m so excited, I can not wait.
Slowly I train and progress in my running; even though I believe I am not ready for the next run marathon, I want to at least help my friend in his training for the next marathon. I must speak to him soon to see his progress and for us to hang out again. I miss the guy, another old junior high friend.
My uncle talks about making a business for myself; therefore I would have to make a business about food and exercise. It would be a program including indoor and outdoor workout environments, including games and sports with food demonstrations of easy to make recipes at home for anyone. This business as he says would be a great way for me to interact with the people/community of all the ideas and opportunities to share about food and exercise. Before I plan too far ahead, I need to personally experience these activities with people, to help me grasp some knowledge for the future to create my own business in this. I would call it a program or opportunity because business is a word for people who are in it for the money. I’m in it because I love it and just want to share fun, happy experiences with people while helping them with eating and exercising.
This is my closing, we need to feed our minds with better ways of a healthier lifestyle, and that starts with real food and exercise. Go out and try out things that you wish you can do, don’t be afraid. Be active and eat better. Let us help each other in this, and not compete, save the competing for the end, for the fun of it. I wish you luck to those in search of becoming stronger, faster, skinnier, bigger, and a better, healthier version of themselves.

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