My Ultimate Dream

Scholarship Entrant: Paola from Apt 3AS, New York
Essay Question: If you could earn a living doing what you love most, what would it be, and how would it change the world? Describe the specific goals you would set to make that dream a reality.
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My ultimate goal and dream is to provide for my parents the way they have done for me. My entire life they have been present and supportive in my ventures to reach my goals. Once I become a professional in the finance major I will have a financial status that will allow me to be economically free. This way I can finally purchase a home for my parents, care for them with great amenities during their old age as well as give them everything they wished they could have provided for me but were unable to due to the lack of opportunities.
While in the Finance/Banking industry I will ultimately aid in the shaping of our country’s collapsing economy. Citizens and residents of the United States will once again feel secure when it comes to money matters. They will entrust their finances to the professional without the fear of being tricked or robbed from the only source of maintenance they possess. Currently, many news headlines state and emphasize the power of the one percent in our nation and how they have controlled the masses. I believe by being part of the environment that manages the finances in this country, I will ultimately put my mark in the equation by highlighting the importance of maintaining a balanced level of the distribution of money in our nation. The results will prove to be satisfactory as I will provide ideas and ways in which one can go about changing the economy in our nation. This ideal may sound extreme and perhaps not idealistic to those who don’t believe in the possibility that the one percent will no longer exist in the future. However, this issue has caused so much controversy as well as hatred and hurt to our nation’s citizens that it has grown to become an imperative situation to fix. Many professionals in the field of finance and economics have been working on the ultimate eradication of the nation’s financial/economic crisis. Since we are imagining myself in that field I will too aid in the advances to create a better economy for our country while creating a path for a better future in America.
The goals I have set for myself in the near future are to complete my college education and exceed what I believe is my current potential. I will raise awareness on my desire to make it big by contacting business professionals in the finance field, working with them and for them with the help of internships. Luckily I live in a city loaded with opportunities where individuals with influence are mingling by your side and one doesn’t even realize it. New York City is a basket infused with so much things waiting to be discovered and experienced by ambitious individuals like myself. I will take advantage of the opportunities present right before my eyes and I will help the individuals in this country.

Vote for Paola: 4

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