Making a Dental Appointment More Than Just That

Scholarship Entrant: Amanda from TUALATIN, Oregon
Essay Question: If you could earn a living doing what you love most, what would it be, and how would it change the world? Describe the specific goals you would set to make that dream a reality.
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Ever since I was young I have loved visiting the dentist and that love eventually turned into my aspiration of becoming a Pediatric Dentist. I love the environment of supervising a close-knit team, of working with those who are passionate about the field, and of teaching children the great importance of maintaining proper oral health. Almost everyone I talk to, from children to adults, say that dental appointments are never something they look forward to. I want to give children the same experiences I had in my dental office that lead me to admire the importance of the proper oral health for a lifetime.
Many people put dental hygiene at the lower end of their priority list and do not know the strong connections oral health has on their body and mind. A healthy smile can influence many things from heart health to self-confidence and happiness. My goal would be to make those connections apparent for all of my patients so that they can learn to appreciate the interconnectedness of their healthy bodies.
While teaching children about oral health, it will be very important to incorporate fun and enjoyment that can be continued throughout their lifetime. I know I stand among only a few who are passionate about oral health but I also know that my future work as a dentist will allow me to teach and inspire others to appreciate such an important aspect of our bodies. I hope to begin altering the ways we think about healthy teeth.

Vote for Amanda: 44

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