Gifts God Has Given Me to Change the World

Scholarship Entrant: Paul from Washington, DC
Essay Question: If you could earn a living doing what you love most, what would it be, and how would it change the world? Describe the specific goals you would set to make that dream a reality.
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The gifts that God has given me to help change the world are the gifts to talk and understand what people are saying to me in their own way of expressing themselves and the ability to make people feel good by making them laugh. Some of friends have had problems and they shared them with me. They asked my opinion on how to handle certain situations. I give them encouraging words that will make them laugh to help break up the stress and enable them to look at the situation with hope and not doom. I sometimes tell them what I would do, and remind them to seek an adult that may have an understanding that I lack or haven’t developed yet. I know teenagers around my age want to feel good and just have someone to listen to them and not judge them.

I also have a gift to pray. I am the Chaplin of the youth ministry at my church and I use this gift that God has given me often to help people and to let them understand that there are still decent human beings left on earth that love God and will pray for them. When I use this gift I feel a sense of gratitude because I have just helped someone spiritually. You never know what people are going through, they could have been thinking about committing suicide and praying for them and talking to them with hope may change their minds to give God a try. I pray with my mom she is always saying it does not matter how small or large the request is ask God. People don’t have because they don’t ask. I have started praying to God to help me with my school work, difficult math problems and tests. Some of my friends have no idea what it means to pray but I know.

Later on in my life I plan to continue to help people by talking with them and making them laugh through my own radio show. I’m hoping that while I’m in college I can inspire people to understand that if you can make someone smile and make them feel better than you are using the gift God gave you so that others may benefit. Through my radio show I can use my God given talent to help whomever is listening. While someone tunes into the radio, they will hear me talking to other people about what they’re going through and I’m giving them advice and making them smile and laugh so they feel better, because I know what God would have me to do. That’s my goal, to use my gifts as a radio host and to help others by speaking a good word to them and praying to God for everything I need in life to help people or like my mom would say help move God’s kingdom forward.

I believe God gave me these gifts because he knew that I would get picked on in school for being a big guy and I would feel bad about myself. He knew that I wanted someone to talk to and make me feel like I was wanted when I was in elementary and middle school. I believe he knew that I should do what a lot of people don’t do and that is talk to people of different cultures, different religion, different ethnic group and talk with them and encourages them to feel better after people have said things that hurt you about how you look and where you come from. He knew that I would see and understand the benefits of his gift when I reached high school. I’m still large and I have friends and people talk to me and now I feel wanted. He knew that I would show people the same love that he’s shown me and that I am a person who loves, care, understand, compassionate, and humorous. I strive for a long time for someone to show me these qualities and when someone did I vowed I would do the same for everybody that I come in contact with who need a kind word or just some encouragement from the words that people say to you that are painful. I know what it like is to be afraid of not having friends and that no one understanding what I was going through. I want to return the favor and I know God sees that I have been trying to do that, and I think he’s happy seeing me make other people happy and that I’m enjoying it.

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