“Extremist or Perceptive”

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“Extremist or Perceptive”

The lunar eclipse or (Blood moon) that occurred on April 15, 2014 and was followed by
Easter Sunday a few days later has sparked great curiosity in many people. Spirituality, the
existence of God, resurrection, and death are among the many questions. Most people pay no
attention to anything having to do with religion, but this is quite the exception for many. The
other eerie occurrence was the anniversary of Adolph Hitler’s birthday on Easter Sunday,
coinciding with the blood moon earlier that week. Three rare and completely opposite
manifestations happening in the same week, creates cause for questions. The Nazi regime, led by
Hitler and likeminded individuals enabled the persecution or (genocide) of the Israelites, that
could rival any apocalyptic scenario. “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to
repeat it” (George-Santayana). This quote could be associated with those who deny the past too.
Regardless, if we are not careful we could easily fall into that same snare again, but with divine
repercussions this time.
The Blood moon is a rare but natural occurrence. In a lunar eclipse, the Earth passes in
front of the sun, blocking the sun’s rays to the moon. This natural event has been observed by
mankind for centuries; however, up until the twentieth century there was a three century period
where mankind observed no eclipses at all. So, what makes the blood moon so quaint? The
Earth’s atmosphere is composed mostly of nitrogen (76%). When the Earth is positioned in front
of the sun, the nitrogen in the Earth’s atmosphere filters out blue the light and only allows red
light in, giving the moon a reddish afterglow or bloody color. The blood moon is very
significant in Judaism. Passover is the feast in which the Israelites celebrate their divine freedom
from Pharaohs bondage and ‘Exodus’ out of Egypt. There is strange or coincidental observation
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when it comes to the Israelites and the blood moon; it is said that when the Israelites
come under great tribulation the blood moon appears. In May of 1967, a blood moon occurred.
That same year was the “Six Day War,” a war that solidified the full return of the “Promised
land” to the Israelites’. That was a pivotal moment which displayed, a direct relationship
between the blood moon and the Israelites’, in their struggles. And the whole world was able to
witness that event. The Christian religion has a direct reference to the blood moon also in
Revelations 6:12: “And the sun became black as sackcloth, the moon became like blood.” That
specific verse distinguishes the second coming of Christ from his first advent, two thousand
years ago. That is also significant because it exposes the connection with Christianity and
Judaism. God’s chosen people are the Israelites, but the body of Christ is the church. The ladder
signifies the “Rapture of the Church”, according to scripture. Before the tribulation period, Christ
will come for the church and spare his true followers from his judgment. We could very well be
on the threshold of that manifestation. The blood moon, the Jews returning to their land, the
sackcloth sun, and earthquakes are all a part of the signs and wonders stated in the Bible.
In 1948, a few years after WWII and the defeat of the Nazi regime along with Adolph
Hitler, governing nations came together and made Israel a sovereign nation. Holding true to
yet another prophesy foretold in the Bible. That prophesy loosely states that in the last days
before the second coming of Christ the Israelites will return back to their ‘promised land’
(Israel). The Old Testament, specifically the Book of Daniel (9:25), speaks of a timeline. This
timeline is made in reference to the Israelites and their time in and out of captivity up unto and
after the coming of the Messiah. This is where it gets tricky, because that same timeline could
also be associated with the second coming of Christ. Although the government and the status of
the Israelites has changed, the overall message still applies. Regardless of all that could be
disputed there, the most important communication to take from this is: the timeline has begun.
Our weather and climate has been a dangerous natural phenomena since before written
words were recorded. Whether it be influenced by God, man, or even science, we are still to this
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day at its mercy. The Earth, like people, goes through cycles. The past ten to thirteen thousand
years the climate of the Earth has remained moderately uniform. Experts suggest that we are
long overdue for some major climate changes, based on the Earth’s recorded mood cycles.
Earthquakes along with volcanoes, tropical storms (hurricanes), and tornadoes are among the
most dangerous natural disasters. Every week via modern media, we are inundated with stories
of natural disasters increasing in frequency and intensity, all across the world. Earthquakes
specifically, are a cause for great interest.
The beginning of Revelations 6:12 states: “And I beheld when he had opened
the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake.” For decades geologists have confirmed that
very verse and event. They predict that we are long overdue for a catastrophic earthquake(s). I
am sure that the scientists and geologists had no intension to support any evidence from the
Bible; however, once again part of the same message is coming from two completely different
sources. That is a good reason to take some time and investigate the matter for yourself. Most
people are very familiar with gambling. A lot of faith comes in to play with gambling; we
believe with (faith) that we can win and that is why we play. If we can invest faith and resources
in monetary gains that produce no fruit, then why can we not take that same leap of faith when
dealing with our immortal souls, which live forever? Please do not misconstrue this metaphor as
some type of risk or gamble; our souls and their salvation or doom is a sure thing.
The sackcloth sun is thought to be a majestic symbol of the end of days, and that is
definitely true, but at least once in your life depending on your age you have seen a sackcloth
sun. How? First let me explain what sackcloth is. According to the English Dictionary sackcloth
is “A garment made of coarse sacking; formerly worn as an indication of remorse, and is usually
made from a thick and or dark material (burlap). In a solar eclipse, the moon is positioned
between the Earth and the sun. The moon blocks the suns light from hitting the Earth. When this
happens the sun has the appearance of sackcloth, due to the moon blocking out the light. An
eruption from a large scale volcano could also produce that desired effect on the sun. Long
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before the lava flows out of the volcano, noxious gasses and ash violently explode into the
atmosphere. The explosion of gasses and ash blocks out the sunlight, and that also gives the
appearance of a sackcloth sun. That provides a rational and theological explanation to a highly
debated verse in the Bible. Furthermore, it opens the door for providence and dismissing
There is a developing story involving Russia that pertains to this subject. Here again, is
where it gets tricky. Gog was the grandson of Noah, and Magog is the land far north of
Israel (Europe or Asia). The books of Ezekiel and Revelations make distinct references to Gog
and Magog. The book of Ezekiel (38:2-3) describes a battle taking place during the tribulation
period. Magog, the land far north of Israel, is said to raise up an army against Israel; to try to
eradicate them from the Earth. Media broadcasts are foreshadowing the events written centuries
ago in the Bible, to an undeniable realization of providence today. We all know some of the
history between the two nations and for the most part it is not all sunshine, so the prophesies
also correlate to modern tensions in that region.
In the past, the Russian flag has depicted a bear on it or associated with it. The
book of Daniel (7:5), describes a bear raised up on its hind legs, as if it were trying to intimidate
its foes, with three ribs in the bear’s mouth between its teeth. The three ribs represent countries
or nations in which the bear has devoured or will devour. At this current time, Russia is on its
hind legs, devouring Crimea. The second rib is Ukraine, and the third rib for now is still up
for debate; nevertheless, Russia is marching in the direction of Israel. Almost all the nations in
that region have demonstrated some type of anti-Semitic behaviors toward Israel in the past. We
can clearly see that the stage is almost set, with most of the pieces in their place. Now is the time
to stop excepting the opinions of scholars, politicians, and the media and seek the truth of the
matter for yourself. I would recommend you to talk to your local Pastor, Priest, or Rabbi to
confirm or deny the topics in this essay. Despite the fact whether you agree with me or not, at
least you have taken the salvation of your soul in your own hands rather than leave it up to the
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secular views of this corrupt world. For centuries people have scrutinized the book of
Revelations, opposing its figurative and or literal relevance and application. The Bible along
with the book of Revelations are not easy or wise choices to base a logical argument from, but
this argument is making itself here. Now, I am going to leave you with some gum for the brain to
chew on. First Corinthians (1:27) will explain my role in this matter and elaborate more on
providence: “But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God
hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty.”

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