Changing Our Youths

Scholarship Entrant: deborah from newport news, va
Essay Question: If you could earn a living doing what you love most, what would it be, and how would it change the world? Describe the specific goals you would set to make that dream a reality.
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Helping children and under-priviledged people cope with the obstacles of life that they are experiencing would be my dream way to earn a living. I could help them understand that all that is happening to them in life is a teaching in which you should take heed and find ways to make it better. Let them realize they are not alone with the struggles in life. Put in place, to the best of my ability, different programs to help them learn some type of trade, if they are willing, and find some type of employment. I would hope to help them to realize that you cannot dwell on what is happening at the moment but to try to move forward to make it better. Teach them to be motivated and to take advantage of the opportunities that may be out here for them. For the children I would like to volunteer at different community centers to give them encouragement and hopefully opportunities for self improvement. I understand it may be hard because of their struggles but starting with the young would be more of an advantage for success. There is not enough resources for the unfortunate youths of America. I just wish other people would realize it starts with the young. It takes a village to raise a successful adult. There is so much money being invested in different countries but I feel our country is in a bigger need. We as a whole can make a difference
in helping our youths. At certain schools I do volunteer and try to help the teachers with the kids that seem to be the “problem child”. They seem to pay attention to someone that treats them like they are special. It takes time to get across to a lot of them but hopefully with guidance a few can change their thought process and want to do better. Even if there home life prohibits their full advancement that does not mean that they should give up and don’t care about themselves. This is what I tell some of the students and explain some of my struggles in life and how I overcame a lot of it. Let them know they can be the best that they can be with positive results. If they want it bad enough they can succeed.

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