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Scholarship Entrant: Amado from Mesa, AZ
Essay Question: If you could earn a living doing what you love most, what would it be, and how would it change the world? Describe the specific goals you would set to make that dream a reality.
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My name is Amado Vasquez and I am currently attending Arizona State University with a major in Exercise & Wellness. Before I can provide reasons as to why this essay has been written, my background should be explained. I am a first generation United States citizen born from two Dominican parents. As the second child of five, I graduated from Washington Irving high school in New York City at the age of 16.
Graduating high school at such an early age had its advantages and a disadvantage for myself. I was exposed to what felt like an endless amount of diversity of culture growing up. However, there were times where being in a place with so many people, I felt lost in a large environment. New York City can be a scary place for someone so young with little direction or help from the outside world. My parents worked hard and did a great job raising my family. Nonetheless, the kind of guidance that I needed had to come from a different place, a place that I had a tough time finding. Filled with anxiety, doubt, and fear, I took time off to work and think about what it was that I wanted from life.
I always had a passion for music, particularly because there were members of my family that were musicians, exposing me to the art at an early age. After a few years, pursuing a career in the music industry made sense because I loved it so much. “Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life” applied to my thinking. I decided to begin schooling to become an audio engineer. Along with writing and performing, it felt like I found my way in life, but doing so provided little compensation for an under privileged artist and soon to be father. It was less than a month after my son was born when I graduated the program at the top of my class. Shortly after, I found myself as a single parent when his mother walked away from both of our lives. Consequently, my priority as a father took precedent over my love for music, so I returned to the workforce.
Now that my son is a bit older, and I have been blessed with a stable enough situation, I have chosen to return to school. My goal is to become accomplished in a field of study that specializes in therapy and rehabilitation. I chose this path because it is a representation of trying to repair and correct what has been damaged and can be treated, one that relates to my path. I want to help people in realizing that there is way to continue beyond unfortunate happenings in our lives. I have the utmost confidence that this is my true calling in life.
With your help, I can use the assistance to help deal with the vast amount of costs associated with books, student fees, and daily living. The grants that I have received along with the loans do help, however, they are far from enough. It would be wrong to claim that I am the only single parent out there attending college, but I can attest to the difficulties involved therein.
I want to thank you for your time in choosing to read my story. The opportunity to do so will not be taken for granted. As difficult as it may have been to this point, I am learning true meaning of resiliency. Your consideration is truly appreciated.

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