Scholarship Entrant: Maxcine from Belmont, Bronx
Essay Question: If you could earn a living doing what you love most, what would it be, and how would it change the world? Describe the specific goals you would set to make that dream a reality.
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If I could earn a living in what I love to do most it would be to become a veterinarian.
I have this amazing love for animal especially dogs and to be the person to help them when they are at their worst and the one to help them live a long happy life would be the reason I wake up everyday. On the news channel and viral videos are some videos of animals being hurt and killed and it makes me cry and hate people for being so cruel. I love dogs. I’ve had a dog ever since I was born and they are the most loyal, smart and loving animal you can get. As soon as I walk through that door from a long day my dog runs all the way down the hallway and jumps on me and licks me. My mother always told me dogs love unconditionally no matter what you do to them they will always love you and it’s true. If human were more like animals and dogs I think the world would be a better place. The loyalty would be real, forgiveness would come easy and the love would be strong. I’m attending La Guardia Community college in the fall of 2014 and I couldn’t be anymore excited because I’m going to major in Vet Tech. We will be working hands on with animals and learn about them. Major in Vet Tech isn’t actually becoming a Vet but that has been my dream for a long time. I look at my dog and I feel how much love I have for her and I don’t ever want something bad to ever happen to her and if there were ever a point in time where she gets really sick I want to be the person that can help her. Regular doctors change the world animal doctors can to. I love animals and I hate seeing them hurt. If I can’t be a actual Vet then I want to Atleast have a part in helping them. Id rather be surrounded by animals then people.

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