Lawyer in the Making

Scholarship Entrant: Garcia from North Chesterfield, VA
Essay Question: If you could earn a living doing what you love most, what would it be, and how would it change the world? Describe the specific goals you would set to make that dream a reality.
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There are many things that happened in my life that made me want to change my ways or my thoughts. Through the struggles and headaches I was going through I found inspiration. I wanted to become a lawyer when I got older just because I wanted to help people that were in this type of situation. I was only about nine or ten years old when I witnessed my little brother was hit by a car and he broke his leg. It was a very sad moment in my life. Since I seen what happened I was one of the key witnesses. They brought my mom and I to a room in the back of the court, asked me a lot of questions, and had me draw pictures of how everything was set up. Every time I went to sleep it was like reliving a nightmare over and over again. I felt horrible because my brother was in the hospital. He couldn’t really do anything, and there was only so much that I could do.
When the court date finally arrived I was kind of scared that we weren’t going to win the case but I sure did have faith. I wasn’t able to go in the court room, which was weird so I sat in the waiting room. Many things were going through my head but I tried my hardest to think positive. Finally the lawyers and my mom came out with the biggest smile on her face. That’s when I knew that we won the case. I rejoiced; I thanked the lawyers for everything, and asked a couple of questions on how to become a lawyer. When they were answer my questions and giving me advice, they made me feel like I was family to them. I took their advice, took some classes at a technical center, and now I’m in college working on getting my degree in criminal justice. This incident was something in my earlier days that made me look at my life in a different way.
I moved to Virginia in 2006 for a couple of reasons. First my parents wanted a better life for my brother and me; second they found it better for them financially. Finally my aunt had moved here and she was like my second mother. My aunt has been there for me since the day I was born, always loved me like I was her own, and I could talk to her about anything. She had a couple of problems with immigration and apparently it has been going on for years but it finally caught up with her. It was a very stressful couple of months not only for her and her family but the rest of the other family members because this was a huge case. I felt really bad because she couldn’t do anything until this case was over, they had her on house arrest and she couldn’t leave the state. It was either she was going to get deported back to her country or they were going to make her an American. She was the strongest woman I’ve ever seen around this time even though she had a lot to lose.
This is when I wished everyday that I could be her lawyer cause I know I would get her out of this trouble. Then one day she had to get some of the family members to write letters for her so she show the judge that she has a supportive family. Besides her family having the deepest letter I poured out my heart and soul on the paper. Probably the deepest letter I have ever written in my life. The situation made me have a different outlook on life. It showed me that life isn’t that bad. My aunt had so much drama going on in her life. I’d never hear her say she hated her life or went into depression. Finally a couple months after New Years it was all over she had won her case and was a full American. The family had to celebrate and this was probably bigger than winning the lottery to us. There many more things I could have written about that helped mold me into the grown positive person that I am today but these are the most important. Without the inspiration and push from these occurrences I wouldn’t be who I am and probably wouldn’t even have chosen a goal in life.

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