Future Astronaut

Scholarship Entrant: Dhara from Schaumburg, Illinois
Essay Question: If you could earn a living doing what you love most, what would it be, and how would it change the world? Describe the specific goals you would set to make that dream a reality.
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My dream, my aspiration, is to become an astronaut.
I know it sounds crazy, but let me tell you how this dream came to be. I was nine years old, watching an Indian movie with my parents called Koi Mil Gaya (I Found Someone). It was about a boy who finds an alien from another planet and takes care of him. When they showed the scenes of the alien’s arrival and departure, I wondered, “What does space look like? How does their home planet look in comparison to ours?”
Growing up, space continued to intrigue me with its mystery. I learned about the first man and woman to travel to space and I read about Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin – the first people to step on the moon. After some time, my mind started imagining how Earth looked from an astronaut’s point of view. I want to make that vision into a reality. That sight will make the years of studying and training worthwhile.
Becoming an astronaut is not an easy feat. Along with Engineering, I must master Physics and keep my body trained and fit as much as possible. After graduating college, my next step will be gaining the experience my engineering degree will provide me or complete 1,000 hours as a pilot in command. Only after that will I have a chance of obtaining a position in NASA.
Constantly, I am surrounded by people that go through life on a whim. They quit because they are afraid to fail. Even with all of that negative energy around me, I chose a career that can sound ludicrous and impossible to achieve. This determination has been in me ever since I was a child. The thought of exploring space thrills me and I would like to witness the beauty that astronauts are privileged to see, but I know that this life will not come to me easily. I will have to accept challenges and failures along the way, but I will not let those possible setbacks conquer my drive and willpower.

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