To End Starvation

Scholarship Entrant: Jarrod from Hyattsville, Maryland
Essay Question: If you could earn a living doing what you love most, what would it be, and how would it change the world? Describe the specific goals you would set to make that dream a reality.
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I currently work part-time for a non-profit organization that recently formed a partnership with a local bakery. With this partnership we were able to feed participants for various programs which became a blessing. When we got our first shipment of items that the bakery had leftover, we were in awe. The amount of bread, bagels, deserts and more was abundant and way more than expected. Although we were grateful and blessed to receive so much, I could only think of one thing; all of this food would have been in the garbage if it weren’t for this partnership. The food left over was from one bakery in one city.
Every day thousands and thousands of pounds of food are thrown in the trash, yet thousands of children and adults go starving without food. Something I love doing is most is to help people. I have compassion for others and thought of starving people with the amount of food we waste hurts me. If I could make a living doing what I love most, it would be to create a global system for food distribution. In this system, a network would be created with major food companies who have the ability to transport food. The food will be brought to central locations. From there, food can be sorted and transferred local organizations that cater to the less fortunate. It would take years to create this system, but the drive to end human starvation is worth it.

Vote for Jarrod: 16

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