The 2014 take lessons shcolarship

Scholarship Entrant: Gordon from 92 Benfield Cir, GA
Essay Question: If you could earn a living doing what you love most, what would it be, and how would it change the world? Describe the specific goals you would set to make that dream a reality.
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The Take Lessons Scholarship

Re: Take lessons

My name is Bartholomew Gordon; I am currently working on my Bachelor’s degree in criminal justice with a concentration in human services. I chose this major because some time ago I had a dream I would one day be helping, and changing many lives through offering various services for people who are dealing with mental health issues in crisis situation. There we`re times I looked back to my own troubled childhood and couldn’t help but to ask myself; why did I have to endure stressful conditions and painful circumstances as a child and young adult when I was supposed to be loved and protected. However, I was abandoned at an early age of 13 and was sent out into the world defenseless scared and confused.
The remainder of my adolescence I found my way into the child protective services, which began a long history transitioning from Foster families, to boy group homes to transitional living programs. I got to meet some incredible people along the way, however, what hurt the most was not receiving visits around the holidays like other kids did. It was a reality check for me and I hated every minute because I was not with those whom I loved. Many times I Pleaded with God to please send me an angel with tears in my eyes, and to also send me a miracle because I was tired of living through the hurt and disappointments. Little did I know I was the miracle the whole time, I feel that God was always with me from the start offering me his protection, love and guidance.
God always had a plan for me, now I`m beginning to realize I was being prepared for what was to come because in today’s market many organizations need someone that has stood on the other side of the fence. They also need someone who is deeply dedicated, educated, motivated, showing chorizema, practicing professional ethic`s, and passionate about their work especially when it comes to helping others through every day issues, and real life crisis situation. I am looking to offer my community various programs that deal in mental health services, such as an after care programs for young adolescents whose families are dealing in crisis.

I want to also orchestrate an outreach program for individuals who are dealing with domestic violence, by offering counseling services and self-help groups. I want to build a couple of safe houses for teen runaways, food banks, and homeless prevention for our veterans and to other individuals dealing with homelessness. In addition, I want to open up a foundation that will help run these programs. Through my life experiences I have learned that everything has to be done in small steps by managing each goal. With the help of the take lessons scholarship fund I can use the additional funds for any additional expenses in tuition cost, and training I will need because I will be dealing with various individual with special needs, thank you for your time.

Gordon Bartholomew
Student ID 8651404

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