5 thoughts on “5 Easy Ukulele Songs to Play This Summer

  1. Is it ok if I use a pick for playing the ukulele? The pick is thin but it does sound slightly different.

    1. The traditional way to strum a ukulele is with your fingers. Most ukuleles don’t have a pick guard to protect the wood from being scratched by a pick. If you’re having trouble mastering the right way to strum your uke, working with a ukulele teacher is a great way to learn proper technique. Have fun with your uke and happy strumming!

    2. I have been using a pick, and it is easier on your fingers and makes the ukulele louder, but it does have a certain difference because the strings are not like guitar strings. I still use it for some songs, but I would recommend getting used to using your fingers anyways. If you really want to use a pick there are felt ones that you can get, and I’m not sure, but they probably don’t make that weird sound. But I know what you mean, and truthfully, yes, you can use a pick, its just not recommended for many songs.

    3. umm… well my music teacher said using a pic is a bad habit and at first ur fingers might hurt but in a couple weeks you wont be able to feel it

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