14 thoughts on “8 Unexpected Benefits of Playing the Piano

  1. These are some excellent benefits that one can receive from playing the piano. How can you not enjoy the benefits of playing the piano like these? Thanks for sharing some incredible things!

  2. I would like to get piano lessons. I have done piano lessons before but only a year and a half. I don’t get how to play with two hands though. I do know how to use the sustain though. I am thirteen years old and in eighth grade. Contact me at my email address that I use at school. I would like to do piano lessons near Ashby, Minnesota.

    1. Hi Mekayla! Taking lessons is the perfect way to learn to play piano with both of your hands. Here is a directory of all our piano teachers. You can narrow it down by typing in your location to find teachers near you. If you need more help finding a teacher, please have your parent or guardian call us at 877.231.8505 🙂

  3. I had no idea that there were so many additional benefits to playing the piano. I especially like that you talk about how piano can increase social activity participation as well. I think it’s important to socialize with other musicians to collaborate and share their passion. Thanks for sharing!

  4. My brother recently bought his son some LDS sheet music in an attempt to get him interested in playing the piano. I think my nephew needs a little more persuading and since he cares a lot about his grades, I like the way it was mentioned that one’s school performance is improved while studying the piano. The concentration needed to play the piano translates over into school work. My nephew will love to hear this, thanks!

    1. I agree with you Alexandria. Finding your student music that they are interested is key to keeping their interest going. We also bought some LDS sheet music and found our daughter her favorite songs. She now practices on her own without being asked because she’s motivated to learn music she knows and loves.

  5. Megan, I really appreciated your comment about how you can get used to receiving and accepting constructive criticism if you learn to play piano because you will always need feedback to get better. I like how you said that it can also help you deal with stress healthily through practice. My husband and I are considering looking into buying a simple, pre-owned piano so that our daughter can learn to play the piano.

  6. Since I want my daughter to learn a new activity, I am wondering which one could help her a lot. So thanks for letting us know that piano lessons will help make her hand muscles stronger and more dexterous when she is an adult. We will definitely have to enroll her in piano lessons so that she will be able to use her strong hands in the future.

  7. I really like what you said about how playing piano being helpful for developing dexterity in children and maintaining strength in adult hands. I remember being taught a little piano as a kid and I really want to pick it back up again, but I was worried my fingers would be too weak or not stretch far enough. Thank you for the information about learning correct form and hand position for playing the piano from a professional teacher to make sure your hand muscles develop properly.

  8. My daughter has been begging to take piano lessons and I have been considering it. Thank you for pointing out that when kids perform in front of even just their friends it can help them learn to handle the stress of being on a stage. I would love to expose her to this. But I’m going to need to rent a piano for her. Hopefully, I can find the best place in my area to rent a piano.

  9. Gaining a better response to criticism as you mentioned is a benefit I never knew my son could get if he decides to takes some piano lessons next summer. It could also help him mentally as well since you said that it gives students an improved ability to handle stress. I want him to be grounded with reality as much as possible so knowing that he will learn to react well to successes and disappointments as you pointed out could really help him grow as a better person as long as a good teacher mentors him.

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