8 Best Pinterest Boards to Expand Your Imagination

Sometimes we all need a little extra push to jumpstart our imagination and get our creativity flowing. Pinterest is a great source for new ideas, or for new ways of looking at old things! Here are a few of our favorite boards that inspire, educate, and entertain:

Creative Bloq – Inspiration

creative bloq


Feast your eyes on what’s new in the world of art and design at Creative Bloq. Whether you’re a visual artist or not, you will find something here to brighten your day. The artists featured by Creative Bloq are sure to pique your interest and spark some new ideas!

Laura Bolter – Words of Wisdom and Nice Type

words of wisdom


Sometimes all it takes to help you make a change in your life is the right quote at the right time. Keep up with some awesome quotes that look great too by following this board by illustrator and designer Laura Bolter.

Real Simple – New Uses for Old Things

real simple


Who doesn’t love a good lifehack? This board from Real Simple is full of great ideas for cooking, decorating, crafting, and more! Once you start getting into a few of these ideas, you’ll be seeing new uses for old things all around you.

Music Crafts and Games

music crafts

Music crafts and games help you tap into your playful side. March to your own drumbeat with a home-made drum craft, or make a shoebox guitar. Music activates several different parts of your brain and encourages free-flowing creative expression. We can definitely get down with that.

Places to Visit Before You Die

before you die


Is there anything better than that refreshed, fun, and carefree mindset you naturally slip into on vacation? Maybe you can’t take a real vacation every day, but sometimes just looking at photos of amazing places around the world helps you get back to your vacation brain. Let yourself daydream a little!

Sue Northey – Path Less Traveled

path less traveled


Along similar lines, this Pinterest board is a collection of paths: gorgeous photographs of roads, trails, tunnels, and other ways to get from point A to point B. When you’re feeling uninspired, think of these pictures as prompts for an adventure. Where does that path end? Who would go there? What would they do? Tell yourself a story!

Russ Burtner – Envisioning Technology Trends

tech trends


Technology is moving and changing fast! Keep up with tech trends and see amazing innovations before they’re widely available. The tech field is very creative right now, and technology is creeping into more and more aspects of our lives. Seeing what new inventions people are able to come up with might just inspire you to create something new of your own!

Book Art and Bookbinding

book art


A few book-lovers might cringe at the art on this board, but these sculptural, colorful, and innovative pieces actually reflect how a great book comes to life in your hands as you’re reading. It’s also full of examples of people using their creativity to make something new using old books.

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