In-Home, In-Studio, or Online? Here’s How to Decide

When it comes to lesson location, are in-studio, in-home, or online lessons better? The convenience of in-home lessons is undeniable, but there are a few other factors to consider when making the decision.

– Will being at home be a distraction?
If your home life is hectic—family members going back and forth, pets running in and out—it may be difficult to concentrate. Ditto goes for if your child is the type who wants to show off his new toys or gadgets instead of paying attention to his teacher. If you anticipate distraction being an issue, consider booking the lessons at your instructor’s studio.

– Do you have the right equipment?
Depending on your goals, it might be better to go to your teacher’s location, especially for music students. For example, if you want to eventually record yourself, the instructor may have professional-level recording equipment available. Similarly, if your budget (or space) only allows for a keyboard at home for practice, you may benefit from having the lessons on your instructor’s piano.

– What is your learning style?
With online lessons, you get the same one-on-one attention as with in-studio and in-home lessons. However, you’ll want to consider your or your child’s attention span, which needs to be better focused without your teacher sitting right there. If you’re a kinesthetic learner, you may need your music instructor to help guide your fingers or hands to the right positions in order to really understand certain techniques.

– Is traveling an issue?
In-home or online lessons are the perfect option for students who are limited in their ability to travel, or those who simply want to cut out the weekly commute time. This allows you to manage your time better, as you can spend those precious minutes practicing your instrument or reviewing your materials before your lesson! And with online lessons, you’re not limited to the teachers in your immediate area – which increases your chances of finding one who fits best with your goals and interests.

Ultimately, the decision will come down to your preferences and schedule. Is there a studio location near your work? Consider booking lessons there, in order to avoid traffic coming home. If you’d like to “supervise” the lessons and listen in on your child’s progress, without seeming too overbearing, in-home or online lessons can give you a taste. Some kids may feel more comfortable in their own environment, while others might get too distracted. As you make your decision, you’ll want to keep all of these things in mind.

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