Brain Food: School Lunch Ideas that Boost Grades

school lunchYou are what you eat, right? If you’ve heard of “brain food” before, you’re probably familiar with the idea that certain “smart” foods contain nutrients that help your brain function at its peak.

So why not eat smart and start adding some serious brain food when packing school lunch for yourself or your child? Here are some of our favorite smart foods, along with ideas for incorporating them into a delicious school lunch! Read more

Teacher Spotlight: The Power of Saying Yes

power of yesIn many different fields, we’re told to take advantage of every opportunity. Carpe Diem. It seems simple enough, right? Honestly, it can be one of the most difficult, rewarding, frustrating, and satisfying lifestyle choices one can make. If you feel like you have to play catch up, just start saying “yes” now. Read more

Why September is the Best Time to Start Music Lessons

bandCan you believe Labor Day is right around the corner? The back-to-school frenzy has officially begun! It’s an exciting time for kids, especially if they’re hitting a milestone, like moving up to middle school or high school. Pretty soon the after-school activities and sports will kick in, so now is a great time to organize your schedule and determine which activities will be priorities. If your son or daughter has shown some interest in music, or is starting a band or orchestra program in school, you might be wondering about private music lessons. But is now a good time to get started? Absolutely!

Read more

Tips for Parents: Help Your Child Succeed in their Music Lessons

help your child succeed in music lessonsI am often asked by parents, “How can I help my child succeed in music?” Here are a few ideas to improve the experience for you and your child, which can directly impact your child’s success learning a musical instrument. Read more

Teacher Spotlight: Summer Sessions with Tanisha H.

Serious about your music goals? When school is out and the days are longer, summer is the perfect time to step up your game. And with so many summer music camps and intensive programs to select from, there’s something for everyone, whether you’re into classical, jazz, or R&B.

This year, Los Angeles teacher Tanisha H. organized a summer program to help her students learn from industry professionals, hosting several different sessions in songwriting, music theory, acting, and more. Sounds like an amazing opportunity!

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Julie’s Journey: Lesson 7

We’ve been following Julie, a new piano student, through her first lessons. Last week, Julie was feeling like she still had a lot to learn. Let’s see if  her practice time is starting to pay off… Read more

Sharp with the Hands, Light on the Feet: Tips for the Traveling Drummer

The road. Its mysticism calls, beckons one onto its cemented expressways and dirt country paths. It leads to beautiful, strange lands near and far, and dares even the most reclusive into its ridership. It’s pure, honest, fierce, and forgiving all at the same time. Yes, the road is the gateway on which many musicians strive to be, but unpreparedness for the journey can be taxing on the body and mind. Having more than ten years of touring experience, I can personally attest to the brutality the road can cause if not primed for. And let’s face it, the drummer doesn’t particularly have it easy.  It is important to keep up good health and mental clarity while on the road, but it can be challenging when your options are pizza and gas station food. Here are some quick tips for staying on top of your game for the long haul. Read more

5 Must-Have Back-to-School Apps

Between school, music lessons, and other activities, September can feel like the busiest time of year! To cut down on your stress, here’s our list of the best back-to-school apps for parents and students. Let your smartphone or tablet be your personal assistant, and going back to school this year will be a breeze! Read more

3 Steps to Prep Your Studio for Back to School

piano studioAs summer winds down, teachers everywhere are preparing for the back-to-school rush. And as a private teacher or tutor, you might see your schedule filling up as old students come back from summer vacations, or new students find their calling in band or orchestra classes in school. To stay ahead of the game, here are three steps you can take to prepare:

1. Check your inventory. Whether you teach at your studio, online, or travel to your students’ homes, you need a good set of supplies on hand. Set aside some time to go through your collection of sheet music, books, and other supplies, and determine what you need for the year. If you teach contemporary pop music, for example, consider purchasing sheet music for the current hits, so you’re ready when students ask for it. If you’re tutoring students, see what new or updated resources are available. And don’t forget the little things either – you can find great deals this time of the year on notebooks, folders, highlighters, and more!

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Acting Tips: Change Your Perspective on Auditions

If you’re heading to an audition, should you care about getting the part? In the video below, Marietta acting teacher Erin B. shares some acting tips and why it might actually be better not to worry so much about the outcome of your next audition:

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