Julie’s Journey: Lesson 4

Learning something new is one of the greatest journeys of all. This month, we’re following beginning piano student Julie as she takes her first steps learning to play music with the help of San Diego teacher Jordan M. Although she had no musical background, Julie has learned a lot in just four lessons! Check out her blog entry on her fourth lesson to see how far she’s come…

It’s been a month since I started my weekly piano lessons with my instructor Jordan but it feels like I’ve been taking lessons for much more than 4 weeks. I don’t have the “beginner nerves” that I did when I first started and I feel really comfortable with the piano during my lessons as well as at home when I practice on my own. When I first started taking lessons, I would overreact when I made small mistakes. Now that I’m much more comfortable, I embrace the mistakes I make (wrong key, off tempo, misread note, etc.) because it’s through these mistakes that I’m learning a ton.

In my initial lessons, Jordan and I worked on a lot of the technical and technique elements of playing the piano to make sure that I have the fundamentals down before we moved on to more challenging components. Now that I’m a month in, we spend half of the lesson refining the technical and technique side of things and the other half learning and playing scales. I’ve also picked out the song I want to learn how to play and I took my first look and stab at it at my last lesson. I’m a big Adele fan and I love her work, so the song I chose was “Someone Like You.” Jordan gave me some great advice on the best way for me to learn how to play the song. Instead of just focusing on the notes in retrospect to playing the keys, he advised me to listen to the song over and over and then let my ears guide my fingers. This strategy has really worked for me and it’s easy for me to notice when I play a note that doesn’t sound right or a chord that’s off.

Next week is my halfway point in my 10 week lesson course, and I’m hoping to make a lot of progress between now and next week’s lesson by practicing the song sheet music and technical exercises in the meantime.


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