Julie’s Journey: Lesson 1

Wondering what it’s like to take piano lessons with one of our music teachers? As with taking on any new set of goals, that first step can be daunting, no matter what level you’re at. So if you’d like an insider look into what it’s really like to get started, we invite you to follow us on the blog for the next 10 weeks. We’ll be watching as San Diego student Julie D. tries her hand at piano lessons with instructor Jordan M. Check out the video and her first blog entry below, and who knows – you might be inspired to get started as well!

I began my piano lessons this past week and am now in the full swing of weekly lessons.  Prior to starting my lessons, I searched the TakeLessons website and navigated through the instructor database to find the best instructor for me to begin lessons with.  The TakeLessons website was very helpful in helping me to choose an instructor that would best suit my experience, location, and time availability for lessons.  The two factors that were most important for me in choosing an instructor were:

1.)   Finding an instructor that has a lot of experience with students, like me, with very little knowledge of piano and beginner level experience.

2.)   Finding an instructor that was close to where I live in San Diego

It was extremely easy for me to navigate the system and I quickly found the perfect instructor for me. His name is Jordan M. and his studio is less than a mile from my house!  He also has a ton of experience working with beginners (and children) who are first starting to learn and play piano. Jordan’s instructor profile jumped out at me because of his experience working with piano “newbies,” and his close location to my house. I knew right away when I viewed Jordan’s profile that he was the right instructor for me.

Prior to starting lessons, I spoke with Nick, a TakeLessons Student Counselor, who explained how the entire set-up process worked and answered a lot of my questions, including which keyboard would be best to purchase for for my beginner level of piano experience.

I had my first piano lesson on Tuesday, May 14, 2013 and it far exceeded my expectations!  Jordan, is awesome. He’s extremely knowledgeable about different instruments, and his passion for music comes through in his teaching ability.  During the first part of my lesson, we went through the fundamentals of piano, identifying the different keys, proper body and hand posture, as well as finger placement.  After we went over some of the basic information, Jordan quizzed me on a few of the keys by having me find and play the note he was referring to.  Although it sounds really basic, it was an effective strategy in helping me to get more familiar with matching notes to different keys and being able to locate them across the keyboard.  I left my first lesson very excited to get home and practice the different techniques I learned from Jordan and to pick out the style of music that I am interested in learning how to play.  I am extremely grateful to the guidance and assistance that Jordan has shown me through Week 1.  I am eagerly anticipating our next lesson and extremely excited to dive in a bit further in our second week.

– Julie


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