Student Spotlight – 6/28/2013

Here at TakeLessons, Friday is our favorite day of the week, not just because it’s almost the weekend but also because every Friday we get to share the talents of another rockin’ student! This week we’re catching up with Priyanka V. who is currently taking drum lessons with Jeff W. in San Mateo, CA. Watch Priyanka demonstrate a rock beat with a fill and read on to learn more about her… Read more

Playing Well With Others: How to Find People to Jam With

Whether you want to be in a famous band or just play a special song for your grandma, jamming with other musicians is a great way to learn and get closer to your goal. Once you’ve mastered a few easy songs on the guitar or gotten the hang of a basic drum beat, it’s time to start looking for other musicians around your level who are interested in playing music together.

Jamming is more about experimenting and learning than showing off, and for me this sort of open creativity is really appealing and fun. Don’t wait until you’re “perfect”; even the most talented and accomplished artists have certain skills they want to improve. You’ll learn more and have more fun if you start sharing what you already know. So how do you find people to jam with? Read more

10 Outside-the-Box Music Goals for Summer

Summer is officially here! Friday, June 21st marked the start of the season, and we can’t wait to see what the summer of 2013 brings. For many students, vacations and trips might mess with your normal practice schedule – but that doesn’t mean you’re off the hook. In fact, summer can be the perfect time to try something a little outside of the box.

Have you ever thought about composing your own song? If you’re on the road and don’t have your instrument, try downloading a keyboard app for your smartphone, and put your theory knowledge to work as you experiment with chords and melody lines. Or how about writing lyrics? A picturesque beach might be just the inspiration you need.

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Julie’s Journey: Lesson 4

Learning something new is one of the greatest journeys of all. This month, we’re following beginning piano student Julie as she takes her first steps learning to play music with the help of San Diego teacher Jordan M. Although she had no musical background, Julie has learned a lot in just four lessons! Check out her blog entry on her fourth lesson to see how far she’s come… Read more

Student Spotlight – 6/21/2013

Thank goodness we made it to Friday again and it’s time for us to check out the super talents of another TakeLessons student! This week, we’re catching up with Dan M. who is currently taking banjo lessons with Glenn S. in Long Beach, CA. Dan is 60 years old and he started playing banjo 7 years ago. Even more exciting, Dan writes his own original songs and has many opportunities to perform! Keep reading to learn more about Dan and see live video from a recent performance… Read more

The Surprising Networking Secret Every Musician Should Know

Trying to get ahead in the music industry? You’ve probably been told that success is all about who you know. Building your network can be hard at first, so take some tips from a professional musician who has been in your shoes. Chicago music teacher Chris D. shares his personal experience finding new opportunities in music and how to network the smart way, by making genuine, lasting friendships. Read more

Teaching Tips: The Power of Positive Language

Teaching can be tough work sometimes, especially if your students lose steam when they run into difficulties. Luckily, there is a simple linguistic trick you can learn to turn “mistakes” into “learning opportunities”. TakeLessons teacher Leena K. shares her teaching tips on using positive language to keep students motivated… Read more

A Fresh Outlook on Piano Lessons: Not Like You Remember!

piano lessons for adultsDid you play the piano as a kid? It’s one of the most popular instruments to start children on at a young age, but it’s not for everyone. The good news is if piano lessons left a bad taste in your mouth, it doesn’t have to be like that now! Read on as Phoenix piano teacher Renee S. explains.


Gone are the days when “old-school” piano teachers hit their young students hands with a stick to remind the student to curve their wrist over the keyboard. Or are they? Remember playing scales over and over again in agony? Or how about being forced to learn “classic” songs that you had never heard of? Sometimes we still are holding onto bad memories of our teachers or piano lessons of days bygone. We might remember the experience and still wince when we recall it. Some of us vow to never touch the piano again, either consciously or subconsciously, not exploring the reason for the disdain. Some of us feel shame for “failing” at learning to play the piano.

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What if You Forget the Words? A Singer’s Story

No matter how much you prepare for your moment in the spotlight, anything can happen on stage! This unpredictability makes performing lots of fun, but it can also be scary. However, if you prepare for your performance the right way, you can even forget the words to the song you’re singing and still deliver a top-notch performance. TakeLessons teacher Kayla T. went through the nightmare of forgotten lyrics and lived to tell about it…


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5 Steps To Embracing Your Passion For Playing Guitar

The best guitar players are passionate about their craft, spending hours studying the instrument, memorizing the chords, and learning new techniques. Even when you’re feeling frustrated, maintaining that passion is essential! Read on as Upper Marlboro guitar teacher Bako A. shares his 5 steps to success…


Think of something that you enjoy doing. Maybe it’s shopping, or maybe it’s going to the movies. Whatever it may be it does not matter. So you have that in your head of what you like to do. Alright, put that aside in your brain for a second, and think about the guitar. I’m about to pump you up.

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