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Music has a special power to bring people together and to change the world. At TakeLessons, we are all very passionate about music and about making a difference in the world. When we heard that a local 11-year-old girl named Moriah had organized a concert to benefit homeless children here in San Diego, we knew that we had to get involved and sponsor her efforts! Moriah and her Girl Scout Troop organized a wonderful benefit concert called “Song of the Butterfly” on Saturday, April 13 to fund a music program for kids at the Monarch School. The students at the Monarch School are kids whose families have been impacted by homelessness. The school does not currently have a music program, but Moriah is going to change that!

Moriah outlines her mission on her donation page: “I want to create a music program for the children at the Monarch School. They have no home, no extra clothes, no toys like I do. Music is a gift and it makes you feel good. I want them to have a chance to learn how to play an instrument so they have something they can give to others. I am raising money to pay for instruments, music books, and a music teacher who can help the teachers at the Monarch School learn how to help the children.”

Moriah heard about the Monarch School from her grandmother, who bought Girl Scout cookies from Moriah to bring to the school. Moriah grew up with a love of music and when she heard that the kids at the Monarch School didn’t have a music program, she knew she had to help.

To jump-start her fundraising efforts, Moriah involved young and talented musicians from the FanFaire Foundation in putting on a concert. FanFaire is an organization dedicated to encouraging kids to pursue higher levels of creative education through exploring the links between music and science. These gifted young musicians donated their time and talent toward a great cause, performing pieces ranging from Chopin to the theme from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Music programs in schools make a huge difference in the quality of education that children receive. Aside from giving kids a great outlet for creativity, learning music can actually make you smarter. Learning music touches on parts of the brain that help you with reading, math, and memory.

Want to get involved? You can help make a huge difference for the kids at the Monarch School by visiting Moriah’s donation page. Every little bit helps!

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