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Do you think you have what it takes to be America’s next big singing sensation? With shows like The Voice, The X Factor and American Idol holding their open castings, you might be thinking about grabbing that microphone and sharing your talent with the world. As you prepare for your audition day, take some tips from expert TakeLessons certified vocal instructors to make sure that you really shine on camera!

Make sure you’re mentally as well as vocally prepared for the competition. Fawn A. in Los Angeles, CA says, “Know who you are and be yourself! Along with being yourself comes knowing your story. These shows not only look for talent, but they want to know YOU. So I suggest you bare your soul. Write it all out on a piece of paper: What influenced you? What type of childhood did you have? What challenges have you faced? People are more likely to support you and want to hear more about you, the more honest you are.”

Jonathan P. in Brighton, MA suggests, “Know your vocal/physical ‘type.’ The producers don’t want to fill up an entire show with one vocal or physical type. If you’re a rock singer, be sure they can hear that, even when you are singing a pop or soul piece. Consistency is marketable. Be careful to choose music and an outfit that show you off. Keep your sound consistent. It might be tempting to ‘go for it’ by choosing something at the edge of your technique, but that strategy almost always backfires. In those high pressure situations, you’ll be glad you picked music you’re comfortable with.” Vanessa L. in Ontario, CA agrees. She advises, “Be confident in the song, don’t pick a song that you have struggles with. You will be nervous enough without worrying about your song. Meaning, your rhythm, pitch and control of the song should be perfect. If there are any of those struggles it will be that much harder to audition. If you are confident, that will shine through and they will see what you want them to see.”

Also, it’s important to be aware that audition day is likely to be long and challenging. Michelle A. in Sherman Oaks, CA writes, “Going in you want to be aware that there are many rounds to these auditions that are never shown on television. When you show up you will not necessarily be singing for celebrities right off the bat. You have several rounds of auditions for various producers of the show before you are even considered to perform in front of judges. Most of the time, the call time for these auditions is extremely early in the morning and they can last all day. Be sure to go into the audition well rested. You may want to take along food, water and something to keep you busy. Each show has different audition requirements and expectations. Before you get to the audition, be aware of everything the producers require you bring with you on the day. This might include paperwork, ID or birth certificates. Also make sure your vocal selections fit their requirements.”

Valerie W. in New City, NY shares her student’s experience auditioning and moving forward in the competition. “Once your number is called, don’t expect to sing a full song. They want you to prepare a verse and a chorus of one song. I’d suggest having a couple more in your back pocket just in case! With my student Serena, we prepared a song that the producer didn’t know but they liked how she sounded. Luckily she had another couple of songs in her back pocket because they wanted to hear something else that they would know. Once she got her red slip to move forward, she had to wait to fill out lots of paperwork. She was then asked to come back 4 days later and to prepare 3 new songs!”

Online Auditions for The X Factor are open through June 15, 2013. You’ll find a list of upcoming in-person auditions below:

April 14, 2013 in New Orleans, LA

April 25, 2013 in Long Island, NY

May 14, 2013 in Denver, CO

Are you auditioning for a singing competition? Share how you prepared in the comments!

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