Celebrate Music In Our Schools Month

“M” is for music, and March is for Music In Our Schools Month (MIOSM).  A celebration honored since 1985, MIOSM has grown from a week-long celebration to a month devoted to music and music education on a national level.

The National Association for Music Education (NAfME) deserves a round of applause for their efforts in spreading awareness about the importance of children receiving a well-rounded education that includes music and the arts.

Schools, students and parents all around the country are using their creativity to come up with unique and exciting ways to observe MIOSM.  From organizing flash mobs to honoring community teachers with awards of musical excellence, there is a plethora of ways to get involved with the rest of the country celebrating MIOSM.  Even though the month is winding down, it’s not too late! Here are a few things you can do for your children and students:

  1. Work with local groups to dedicate every local music event during March to encourage support for music education.
  2. Encourage public performances in the town square, on the sidewalk, etc.
  3. Hold a music showcase/instrument drive.
  4. Host an open house for family members to involve themselves in music classes.
  5. Spread the word!  Encourage everyone you know to participate in the month-long celebration.

With increased budget cuts to schools nationwide, and music and arts programs being pulled apart like a frustrated composer would pull apart his or her sheet music, it is now more than ever that the appreciation of and participation in MIOSM is needed.  It becomes imperative to supplement the offset of music in our schools with sources like private music lessons to ensure your child receives the education that they need and deserve.  I think that NAfME would agree with me in saying that nurturing your child’s life-long love for music is so important in their upbringing.  Where would we be without music education and what sort of world would we live in?

In support of students of music and music educators everywhere, I encourage you to be proactive and participate in Music In Our Schools Month.  I want to know what your plans are!  What are you doing to get involved with other schools around the country partaking in MIOSM? Leave a comment below!

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