5 Reasons My Guitar Might Be My Best Friend

guitarMusic can be a very rewarding experience – and a personal one, at that. Most musicians spend a LOT of time with their instrument, often baring their souls in the form of melodies and lyrics. If you treat your guitar like part of the family – or your best friend – you’ll relate to what Gresham, OR guitar teacher Ed P. has to say here…


Did you know that some of the old blues players named their guitars?  Some of them were even rumored to sleep with their guitars.  I’m not saying that I have done any of these things myself, or that you should, but I can say here are five reasons this guitar (see picture to the left) might be my best friend.

1. This guitar has never left me, let me down or messed the floor.

I’ve had it since I was 18 years old.  Friends, girlfriends, pets, even family come and go, but not this guitar.  It has followed me to places as far away as India and Africa, not to mention all over the USA.  It has played gigs, lessons, jams and entertained thousands while never missing a beat, although, it has broken a string or two on occasion.

2.  This guitar has been a good investment.
It was the first decent instrument I ever owned and has held its value, something I can’t say for any of the cars or houses I have owned.  Even if it were worth a million bucks, though, I don’t think I would sell it.

3. This guitar never complains.
I’ve played it in the rain, the snow, the very cold and a windstorm so severe that speaker columns got blown over. Once, at a beside-a-lake gig, we were swarmed by so many insects I could hardly see the fretboard.  But it just kept playing.

4. This guitar speaks its mind.
It won’t say a word until I pick it up.  Even then, it waits for my fingers to point it in the right direction.  It can be very eloquent and downright sassy when the mood takes it, which is often.  Plug it into a wah-wah?  Forget about it, you will not get a word in edgewise.

5.  This guitar is never boring.
When I first picked it up, all I wanted to do was play fast and loud.  But then I got interested in learning more about chords.  When I started experimenting with alternate tunings, I almost lost my mind.  Taking on fingerstyle was quite the worthy challenge.  Wow, so much guitar, so little time!

Is your guitar your best friend?  Have you given it a name?  Maybe it’s just a piece of wood and steel to some, but if you spend some time with it, I guarantee you will not be bored!

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