How to Balance Technique and Making Music Fun!

making music funAs with any skill, learning how to play music requires a certain amount of practice and commitment. For private lessons to truly be successful, though, there needs to be a balance of making music fun and educational. Read on as Elk Grove, CA teacher Kevin B. explains…


Like many people, you probably have a favorite composer, musician or song.  If you were asked why, what would your response be?  Would it be the lyrics, the mood, or maybe the orchestration?  Though these things may not always be evident, and sometimes confusing, they are essential components to music creation.  As a musician, how are we supposed to learn these components?  More importantly, how do we balance learning, theory, technique, and having fun?

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Song Stuck In Your Head? Here’s The Cure

Carly Rae JepsonRemember Carly Rae Jepson’s summer hit “Call Me Maybe”? It seemed like it was everywhere – on every radio station, in retail stores, and stuck in our heads! Jepson certainly had control of the Top 40 radio waves for a while there, but there was also a lot more to it. Researchers explained that the tune was a prime example of an “earworm” – a song that, by definition, you just can’t get out of your head. even called it “arguably the earwormiest song in recent memory.”

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How to Set (and Reach) Your Singing Goals

singing goalsWe all know that setting goals is an important part of music lessons. And as a singer, you’re working with a very delicate instrument (your voice!) – so you’ll want to set reasonable singing goals and work with a private teacher to monitor your progress. Read on as Buena Park, CA voice teacher Andrew C. describes the process…





We all have goals we want to achieve with our voice. Maybe you want to hit all the right notes in your song arsenal the next time you go to your local karaoke bar. Or maybe you have a very important singing competition coming up and need to focus on singing in tune. It could be you are the lead in a musical and need help with not losing your breath on stage while singing, acting, and dancing. Whatever the goal comes to be, we all have one thing in common… we want to achieve the correct technique to accomplish our goals. There are numerous ways to do this the right way, as well as the wrong way. For the sake of success though, I’m going to focus strictly on the right ways to do this.

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5 Common Myths About EDM

No matter what your favorite music genre is, we all can agree that Electronic Dance Music (EDM) is at the top of the music food chain right now.

However, there is a lot of controversy surrounding the writing and producing of electronic music, the culture EDM is producing and the credibility of EDM as a genre. Everyone has their own interpretation of EDM, but there are a few myths that need to be debunked first before judgement can be made.

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Are Music Festivals Worth the Price?

CoachellaSpring has sprung and the season of music festivals is upon us! With SXSW just behind us and both weekends of Coachella coming up in April, tons of music fans are taking advantage of warmer weather to enjoy days and nights packed with performances by artists ranging from Tegan and Sarah to Wu Tang Clan. But before you get out your plastic and splurge on that weekend pass, take a moment to consider some of the ups and downs of the festival experience. Read more

5 Reasons My Guitar Might Be My Best Friend

guitarMusic can be a very rewarding experience – and a personal one, at that. Most musicians spend a LOT of time with their instrument, often baring their souls in the form of melodies and lyrics. If you treat your guitar like part of the family – or your best friend – you’ll relate to what Gresham, OR guitar teacher Ed P. has to say here…


Did you know that some of the old blues players named their guitars?  Some of them were even rumored to sleep with their guitars.  I’m not saying that I have done any of these things myself, or that you should, but I can say here are five reasons this guitar (see picture to the left) might be my best friend.

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Music Games for Kids – Classroom and At-Home Practice

music games for kidsKeeping young kids engaged in learning music can be a struggle, for teachers and parents alike. The solution? Make music a blast by incorporating games! Here are some great tips from Dallas, TX teacher Eric C., which can be used both in the classroom and during at-home practice…


As an educator, we would like for our students to enjoy our lesson plans, even if the lessons sound dull on paper. In fact, the ideal these days is to have students believe that learning can be fun. It’s best to create an environment in which the students feel welcomed and comfortable. These strategies can be applied for both private music lessons and larger music classes.

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Weekend Headliners: Viral Videos We Love

Happy Friday! We’re so close to the weekend. Ready to have a little fun? We’ve scoured the web this week for the videos that impressed, inspired or altogether entertained us, and we’ll start featuring our favorites every Friday!

Here are 3 to start your weekend off right…

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Drum Exercise: Grooving with Different Genres & Styles

Grooving along with your favorite music is an awesome way to improve your drumming skills. Check out this video tutorial from Brooklyn drum teacher David A., and learn exactly what to listen for…

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Celebrate Music In Our Schools Month

“M” is for music, and March is for Music In Our Schools Month (MIOSM).  A celebration honored since 1985, MIOSM has grown from a week-long celebration to a month devoted to music and music education on a national level.

The National Association for Music Education (NAfME) deserves a round of applause for their efforts in spreading awareness about the importance of children receiving a well-rounded education that includes music and the arts.

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