When Should You Replace Your Drum Heads?

when to replace drum headsA big part of drum set maintenance is knowing when to replace your drum heads. But when is the right time to do so?

Of course, the right time will depend on how often you play – and also how hard you play. It can also depend on the sound you’re going for, but a good rule of thumb is to switch out their drum heads when they start losing their original tone – they may sound dull, flat or worn. Other factors are if you notice dents (likely to happen if you’re still using the stock heads), if you’re having more trouble tuning your drums, or if the coating begins to wear.

You may want to replace your toms or snare heads more often, again depending on how much you’re playing. For a quick check, closely examine your snare drum batter head. Does it have a concave appearance, or any dents? Ideally, you should be checking for this before and after each gig you play.

For a great guide to changing your drum heads, check out this tutorial from DRUM! Magazine.

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