How To Tackle Difficult Styles, Patterns and Beats

drumsDo your eyes glaze over when you see difficult drumming patterns or unconventional time signatures? Don’t let your confidence drop! Read on as Columbus music teacher Seth D.  explains how to approach even the most difficult drumming styles, patterns and beats…


One of my favorite things about being a musician is that I get to constantly learn new things. Whether it’s improving my technique, working on my groove, or listening to other players, I feel like I’m always growing and changing. However, sometimes learning something new can seem like a very daunting task. Specifically, playing comfortably in an unfamiliar musical style. It could be as specific as playing authentic samba surdo patterns, or just playing in 3/4 meter. Whatever you want to accomplish, here are some tips that should make the learning process easier.

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Piano Students: How Young is Too Young?

piano lessons for kidsDozens of studies have shown that music education does wonders for developing minds – but how young is too young? When should you sign up for lessons? Read on as Greenwood, MO piano teacher Benjamin B. tackles the question…


There are a number of philosophies out there in regards to teaching the art of music. Some say a student can be too young to teach and others say there is no age limit. Personally, I believe there is no age limit. When we ask, “how young is too young?”, we are evaluating emotional, physical and psychological characteristics of the student.

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Singing and Athleticism: What’s the Link?

singing and athleticismWhen you’re a singer and a performer, taking care of your vocal cords is essential to staying on top of your game. How much does staying in shape physically factor into that? Here, Gainesville, FL vocal teacher Anna F. tackles the question…



Stop a random passerby on the street, and ask them to describe an opera singer. The typical response includes horns, a breastplate, braids, and beneath all of the accoutrements an overweight singer. It is important for singers of all ages to understand the benefits of keeping both vocally AND physically healthy.

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3 Easy Guitar Chords for Beginners

It doesn’t take much to get started playing the guitar – with just a few chords, you can play plenty of songs! It’s a pretty cool feeling, and it only takes a few minutes to learn. Grab your guitar and check out this tutorial video from Tarpon Springs, FL guitar teacher Greg O.:

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Getting Started with Composing for Films

film composersLearning how to read and write music can open up tons of possible pathways for music careers, including composing for films. Read on for some helpful advice from Linden, NJ piano teacher Richard D




Have you ever found yourself listening to your iPod or stereo, and felt like the music was perfect for whatever you were doing in that moment?  Sometimes, when I’m walking to the store or heading to work while listening to music, the song plays with my imagination and emotions, almost as if I’m in a music video or a movie. Maybe I just have an overactive imagination, but this is the power that music has over us. We can feel the emotions that the piece is expressing. If you’ve ever wanted to be a film composer, I have a few tips that I’d love to share with you.

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Video: Our New Favorite Violin Cover Artist

Artists like Lindsey Stirling, Miri Ben-Ari, and The Piano Guys have made the blend of classical music and hip-hop much more commonplace in recent years – just browse through YouTube and you’ll find tons of piano, cello and violin covers of your favorite Top 40 songs. Even if your preference is traditional classic repertoire, listening to different styles of music is a great way to spark some inspiration when you’re in a musical rut.

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When Should You Replace Your Drum Heads?

when to replace drum headsA big part of drum set maintenance is knowing when to replace your drum heads. But when is the right time to do so?

Of course, the right time will depend on how often you play – and also how hard you play. It can also depend on the sound you’re going for, but a good rule of thumb is to switch out their drum heads when they start losing their original tone – they may sound dull, flat or worn. Other factors are if you notice dents (likely to happen if you’re still using the stock heads), if you’re having more trouble tuning your drums, or if the coating begins to wear.

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11 Amazing Kids and Their Instruments

Child Playing GuitarWhile it’s always amazing to sit back and enjoy an instrumentalist that truly knows what they’re doing, it’s even more awe-inspiring when that musician is a child. With that, we’ve compiled a gallery of videos of 11 amazing kids and their instruments … enjoy! Read more

Piano Basics for Complete Beginners

pianoDid you read through last week’s to-do list before your child’s first piano lesson? Being prepared and setting your child up for success is an important first step. But how can you continue to give support if you know nothing about the instrument?

Here’s an excerpt from a handy “crash course” from Piano Central Studios, to give you a head start:

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What’s the Deal With Vocal Fry?

vocal fry example“Vocal fry” certainly seems to be a hot topic these days. Earlier this month, Slate podcaster and NPR’s On the Media host Bob Garfield voiced his concerns about the vocal tic, causing many other writers and researchers to chime in about this “new linguistics fad” among young women today.

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