Winter Guitar Care: 3 Warning Signs to Look Out For

winter guitarWhen the weather outside is frightful, there’s nothing better than cozying up with your guitar and noodling around for a few hours! But if you don’t take care of your instrument correctly, your guitar might take you from “Holly Jolly Christmas” to, well, a very “Blue Christmas.”

To begin with, guitarists should practice several of the same tips for violin maintenance – namely, keeping your instrument in an insulated or padded case in between use, and allowing time for the instrument to acclimate between climate changes. If you’re gigging around the city, avoid leaving your guitar in the car at all costs!

Without these proper precautions, your guitar is susceptible to damage, including warped wood and cracks. Be aware of these 3 warning signs below that your guitar needs a little TLC:

1) Lower action on the neck: Increased buzzing may be an indicator of this, so pay attention to your guitar’s sound.

2) Warped or cracked wood: Changes in humidity can cause the body of the guitar to swell, causing cracks. Examine your guitar before each use.

3)  Sharp fret ends: Dry air can also cause your fingerboard to shrink, resulting in protruding fret ends.

Remember, taking precautionary measures to care for your guitar can help you avoid these issues. Why risk it?


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