Let it Snow! 3 Cold-Weather Tips for Carolers

carolersHeading out caroling this season? As you’re bundling up and heading into the brisk air, you’ll want to take special precautions for your vocal health. Here are a few tips from Seattle vocal teacher Morgan P




– Remember that when your body is cold you have a tendency to tense your muscles. When you tense your muscles you are constricting them and not allowing them to produce natural and effective sound. Soon your breathing starts to suffer because of it, as does your vocal health. To combat this, dress warmly! Layering up as well as wearing a hat and scarf are very important to maintaining a relaxed and happy voice.

– Take it easy singing outside. You are competing with a lot of other noises, be it cars, or other people out and about.  You might feel the need to push your voice a little harder to sing a little louder. You don’t. Trust your breath support and be mindful of the need to push for sound. Try to visualize sending your voice to the same direct and focused place, rather than trying to send it to the house across the street.

– Finally, stay hydrated! Make sure you are drinking plenty of water, as well as tea. Alternating between the two keeps you toasty and your vocal cords lubricated.

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Seattle singing lessons with Morgan P.Morgan P. teaches singing, dance, speaking voice and acting lessons to students of all ages in Seattle, WA. She joined the TakeLessons team in November 2012, with training in classical styles as well as contemporary. Learn more about Morgan, or search for a teacher near you!


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