Get Ready to Rock! 5 Tips for Our Video Contest

cameraWe know you’ve been working hard in your music lessons, and now it’s time to show off your skills! The TakeLessons Online Video Contest is officially underway, and we can’t wait to see all of your creative entries.

As a reminder, the contest is open to all TakeLessons students, and participants have a shot at winning a $250 Visa gift card! All you need to do is record and upload a 60-second performance video, share the provided link with your friends and family, and the entry with the most votes in each category (Best Original Song, Best Cover Song and Best Holiday Song) will win! Click here to review the rules and guidelines of the contest.

To help you prepare, here are 5 tips for creating the best video possible:

1) Be clear.
You don’t need to use professional cameras and mics, but you do want to make sure that viewers can hear the tune clearly, especially if there are lyrics involved! Record yourself in a quiet environment, as opposed to outside or in a crowded area.

2) Enlist an audience.
We want to see you having fun! Show us your personality and your passion. This might feel a bit awkward if you’re recording yourself in your home, but pretend like you’re on stage at a sold-out concert arena. But if you’re struggling with the idea of an imaginary arena, try inviting a real crowd. Why not make it a recital? Ask your friends and family to attend, and then rock it out as they cheer you on. You’ll be amazed at how much you’ll gain from the energy of a crowd.

3) Practice and be prepared.
Some musicians have that uncanny ability to perform flawlessly on their first go-around (or even while sight reading!). Even though it’s only a 60-second video clip, be prepared to record – and re-record – several times. Set aside enough time to get that perfect take.

4) Choose a song that compliments your style.
Whether you perform an original song, a holiday song or a cover, you’ll want to select a song that showcases your style, playing level or range, and talents.

And finally…

5) A little creativity can go a long way!
Try watching music videos from your favorite artists, and brainstorm ways to make your video unique. The focus should be on your music, of course, but the more creative the video is, the more attention it will get. Rockers OKGo, for example, are well-known for their viral videos, which range from simple to outrageous. If you’re performing a cover song, experiment with the unexpected – like Korean rock band Ra-On’s acoustic cover of Gangnam Style. Medleys and mash-ups are also popular; we’re loving this ambitious Ultimate Christmas Medley video by the Brett Domino Trio. Who knows – maybe your video will be the next viral hit!

Good luck!


Photo by Sean Davis.

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