Do I Have to Learn Paradiddles? Exercises for Drummers

drum rudimentsJust how important is practicing drum rudiments, such as paradiddles? Exercises like these help you learn control and accuracy, to begin with. As you continue your studies, you’ll be able to incorporate rudiments into your everyday playing to create awesome fills and drum solos.

Want to learn more? Chicago teacher Colin C. offers up his advice in today’s exclusive podcast. The paradiddle is just one of the essential rudiments, but it’s a great one to focus on. Print out the image below so you can follow along with the paradiddle exercises, and then click here to listen to the podcast.


Paradiddle exercises



Chicago drum teacher Colin C.Colin C. teaches drum, music recording and percussion lessons to students in Chicago, IL. He specializes in rock and jazz styles, and several different percussion instruments including marimba/xylophone, timpani, concert percussion and world percussion. He joined the TakeLessons team in October 2012. Learn more about Colin, or visit TakeLessons to find a teacher near you!


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