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christmas sheet musicThanksgiving is just barely over, but we’re ready for the holiday madness to really start! Time to break out the goofy reindeer sweaters, Bing Crosby CDs and nostalgia-inducing decorations. ‘Tis the season, also, for student recitals, caroling, and holiday gigs rolling in! However you celebrate, it’ll be hard to get away from songs like “White Christmas” and “Silver Bells.” And to help you get your repertoire solidified, we’ve compiled a list of resources – whether you’re looking for sheet music or maybe even a note-by-note tutorial. First up, here’s where to find holiday and Christmas sheet music for piano, violin, voice and more…

MakingMusicFun.net: Lyrics and sheet music, in PDF form, divided by theme and playing level (easy to intermediate)

Sally DeFord Music: Intermediate arrangements for piano and voice, with recordings available to listen to.

SheetMusicPlus: Tired of misplacing your loose sheet music? There are tons of books out there specifically featuring holiday and Christmas music. SheetMusicPlus offers over 47,000 holiday-themed selections, ranging from traditional to contemporary tunes.

FiddlerMan: A small selection of Christmas sheet music for violin.

UltimateGuitar.com: Looking for Christmas songs on guitar or bass? Bookmark this website for a great collection of guitar tabs and chords.

YouTube: Simply search for a specific song title + “tutorial” and you’ll find thousands of step-by-step videos for various instruments. RawTalentGuitar’s channel, for example, has a great guitar tutorial for Jingle Bell Rock!

In addition to sheet music, don’t forget…

Metro Lyrics: No music or tabs here, but if you’ve got a holiday party coming up, you’ll want to brush up on all the lyrics you may have forgotten before the karaoke starts! (Mariah Carey, anyone?)

Readers, where else do you go to find holiday sheet music? Leave a comment, or follow us over to Facebook to join the community!

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