2 thoughts on “Why It’s Never Too Late For Violin Lessons

  1. Hi, i agree with you that no-one is too old to learn the violin or anything else for that matter. I am 69 and started learning the violin in February. I’m finding it a difficult instrument but i can feel a slight improvement each time i practice. I’m determined to keep going ,it gives me a real buzz to be able to play a very simple tune and lean a scale. Only limited by a back ache after a while!!!

    1. I agree you. I started to learn the violin three years ago, mean little younger than you. Playing the violin is my dream of childhood and enjoy to learn how to play and to make good quality sound of music. One day I went to have music instrument workshop, then I have to choose one of instruments which professional demonstrated us. So i selected two: first is percasion, second: French horn. First choice was overcrowd, so my second choice was mine. Since then I played the French horn with community band, but dreamed to play the violin in the future. Now I am learning to play the violin. Fantastic playing and happy life. My teacher was very patient and excellent. Both Violin and French horn are part of my life today.

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