Essential Qualities of a Professional Pianist

pianoWhat’s the difference between an amateur piano player and a professional? It’s not just about certain skills or talent. Your attitude, image and etiquette all play into how you’re perceived in the music industry. We came across a great article over on ClassicalMel’s blog that explains the differences spot-on. Here are a few of Mel’s observations that especially caught our eye…

– Most amateurs tend to grasp onto their music score as if their life depends on it. They quickly put the score on the music desk and remain glued to it for the entirety of their performance. It might be a good idea to actually know the score well enough to take your eyes off it during the concert allowing you to focus on the music. This will enable you to give a much more convincing account. Alternatively find the confidence to perform from memory – it really isn’t as frightening as you might imagine.

– Try to spend crucial practice time ironing out any tricky passages. A very common amateur trait is to master a piece beautifully except for one or two more demanding passages. So find a strategy for coping with these areas as it will make all the difference to your performance.

– Convey the beauty within the music and learn to communicate – pros really do love being on stage and always express the music completely. They develop charisma. Amateurs can be so focused on getting through their performance that this tends to get lost. Don’t allow this to happen. Focusing on the music will also take your mind off nerves too!

Great points, Mel! Continue reading her article here.

Readers, what other ways do you set yourself apart from the amateurs? Leave a comment below, or stop by our Facebook page to join in!

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