Plays Well With Others: Where Do Pianists Fit In?

Piano duetVocalists have their choir, violinists have their orchestra… but where do pianists fit in?  For some students, learning an instrument can be a lonely feeling. It’s up to you to practice – often alone. One-on-one private lessons can be scary, since it’s often just the student and teacher alone in a room. And of course, there are the nerve-wracking performances, when all eyes are on you and you alone.

Sometimes a sense of camaraderie is just what a student needs to keep the momentum and excitement growing. So what are some ways that pianists can collaborate with other musicians and stay involved?  Here are a few ideas to get you started…

– Play piano duets with your teacher or fellow students
– Accompany other instrumentalists or vocalists (Glee clubs, local competitions, etc.)
– Contact local schools to see if their choir program needs an accompanist
– Contact local dance studios that may want live music for recitals
– Play for music theater productions in the area
– Grab some friends and perform at retirement homes or open mic nights (jazz clubs are great for this!)
– Use your music expertise to compose a song for a band or orchestra in your area
– Play for weddings and other church services

Now it’s your turn: how have you collaborated with other musicians? How did that change your outlook on playing the piano? Stop by our Facebook page and let us know YOUR story!

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