Is Piano the BEST Instrument to Play? Sound Off!

Piano musicWe came across this interesting article from and just had to share!  Here’s a taste of the reasons the author thinks the piano is the best instrument out there:

1) It has more notes. The piano keyboard represents every note available on other instruments.  There is no instrument that has a note that the piano does not have.  This reason alone gives a strong case for everyone to play piano.

2) What you hit is what you get. The piano produces the most immediate results of any instrument.  You simply touch a key and the note sounds—no tone training required.  With most other instruments, you have to spend weeks just trying to make a sound and many more years striving to perfect it.  Not so when you play the piano.

3) You can play chords. Since the piano allows you to play multiple notes at a time—unlike a saxophone or bassoon—it is by far the best instrument for learning music theory.  Theory teachers frequently use the piano to play chords and explain other concepts.  The keyboard is ideal for visualizing the music you’re analyzing.

4) Impress more friends. Keyboard instruments are the most versatile of all instrument families.  The piano by itself is used in all genres—classical, baroque, rock n’ roll, jazz, pop, hip hop—you name it.  If your primary interest in studying music is to impress your friends, the piano is a wise choice.  You are more likely to impress a diverse crowd of individuals.

Now we want you to sound off – do you agree? Is the piano the best instrument to learn? True, it’s a very common instrument for youngsters to start out on, but should every musician have a piano background? Leave a comment below, or stop by our Facebook page to share your opinion!


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