Diaphragm Singing for Added Support and Even Tone

Diaphragm singingWhen you’re beginning singing lessons, you’ll most likely start off by learning all about proper breathing and how it relates to your diaphragm.  It might even seem silly to practice your breathing, something you’ve been doing unconsciously for your entire life.  But when it comes to taking control of your instrument – the vocal cords, in your case – correct breathing is of utmost importance.

If you don’t master the art of proper breathing, it will haunt you throughout all of your lessons, practice sessions and performances.  This is one skill that you can’t fake!

The most important step is learning which muscle movements are associated with singing.  Your voice teacher can show you how to monitor yourself and recognize the difference between shallow and deep breathing.  Outside of your lessons, here are 3 steps to remember for correct diaphragm singing:

1 – Breathing exercises. Even as you practice singing every day, you must practice breathing for at least ten minutes. Sit on a rug on the floor with legs folded, your hands resting lightly on your knees. Inhale slowly until you feel the air reaching your stomach expanding it . Hold the breath as you count to ten in your mind. Then exhale as slowly as you inhaled. This exercise is a must for any aspiring singer.

2 – Check breathing while singing. Keep your palm on your solar plexus (abdomen) when you start singing simple scales. If you are breathing properly then you will feel your palm being propelled outward with your stomach movement. This can help you get control over your voice and improve your singing technique.

3 –  Sing with an open mouth. Just as we realize the need to take deep breaths, we should also allow air to flow out freely while singing. So it is important to sing with your mouth open and your throat muscles relaxed. This helps with proper diction, voice throwing and volume control.

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