Give Your Guitar Strings Some Love Today

Guitar stringsWe all know the importance of caring for your instrument, and guitars require a good amount of attention.  After all, where would musicians like Jason Aldean and Miranda Lambert, who both took home multiple honors during last night’s Academy of Country Music Awards, be without their trusty guitars?  Guitar strings break.  Cracks might appear in the wood.  Pegs and frets may end up loose or damaged.  But by taking a few extra moments to give your guitar some TLC, you can improve your sound and ensure years of playing and learning to come.

Let’s begin with your guitar strings.  Here are some things to remember:

1. Wipe down your guitar strings.
This is a priority for guitar maintenance. Each time you finish playing, wipe down your guitar strings with a soft and dry cloth. Make sure to run the cloth in between the strings and fingerboard, as well. (Here’s a great visual guide.) Run it all the way down the length of the neck of the guitar to get rid of all the perspiration and rust.

2. Use string cleaner.
There are a few great guitar string cleaners available that will keep your guitar strings clean and allow you to play faster. It can also reduce excessive finger noise. You can use most cleaners on strings, the fretboard and the back of the guitar neck.

3. Leave your guitar in a case when not in use.
When you leave your guitar out, it’s exposed to air, moisture and heat.  Instead, try storing it in its case when you’re not using it – this will protect it from the elements, and it only takes a few seconds to take it out of its case when you’re ready to play.

4. Wash your hands!
This should be a no-brainer.  If your hands are covered in sweat and grime, it will transfer to the guitar strings.  So play it safe: just wash your hands before playing!

Remember these steps, and your guitar will thank you!  Can you recommend any special products that you use to care for your guitar?  Leave a comment below, or share it on our Facebook wall!  Like these posts?  Sign up to receive daily updates right to your inbox!  Click here to subscribe.



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