One thought on “Lyrically Stuck? Think Like Eddie Vedder

  1. Eddy, I walk around all night at all hours and string together lyrics and melodies. I have an idea. You and your band are so tight. Could you be the first band to walk out on stage and sing lyrics spontaneously and your band just jam along and see if the lyrics or the melody creates the song. The band could also start the song and show the crowd that it could be either case that causes the creativity. I not well versed in getting my thoughts across but it would be amazing to the audience to see how a song comes to fruition. If it’s a hit or a flop who gives a poop. Sincerely,
    Jerry Heim

    Be the first on your block to walk out on stage and say— this is a new song, every time. Take care
    Your Friend
    Jerry Heim.

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