TakeLessons and Music 4 Miracles Team Up to Help Children with Cancer

Recently, our student counselor Kathleen V. had the opportunity to speak with Kristi Huddleston, the founder and president of the non-profit organization Music 4 Miracles. Based in Florida, this inspiring organization is powered by Kristi’s passion to raise awareness and financial support for families of children diagnosed with cancer. The funds raised help provide education through the gift of music lessons.

Kristi’s journey began when she came into contact with a 9 year old battling cancer, and her heart was immediately inspired to do everything in her power to help that child’s family. Since then, Kristi has helped over 15 families and brought smiles to each of their faces through the gift of music. A musician and songwriter herself, Kristi wrote the song “Already an Angel,” which was inspired by the children she helps on a daily basis and brings about a message of hope through tumultuous times. The song can be purchased through the Music 4 Miracles website, and all proceeds are used toward helping more families and bringing music to children’s lives.

TakeLessons is happy to be able to help set up piano lessons for Bella, one of the Music 4 Miracles children, with our rock star teacher Karen J.  This coming July, we will also help set up another Music 4 Miracles child named Shiloh with in-home guitar lessons! Our thanks goes out to Kristi and the sponsors who make in-home music lessons possible for these children, while also offering hope and the gift of music education that can last a lifetime. To learn more about Music 4 Miracles and how you can become a sponsor, please visit www.music4miracles.org.

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