Looking for a New Hobby This School Year? Take Music Lessons!

back to schoolSeptember has arrived, which means that children across the country are heading back to school.  As the daily routine of class, homework and sports practice resumes, the beginning of a new school year is also the perfect time to start music lessons!

Research has proven that children experience many benefits from music lessons, including increased brain activity and development, improved memorization and small motor skills, and increased self-confidence that carries over into schoolwork and other outside activities.  Music lessons also help to keep children engaged in school, thereby increasing academic achievement.

Unfortunately, tighter budgets have forced many schools to cut funding for music programs, which means that many children no longer have the opportunity to study music as part of their regular school curriculum.  In order to provide an alternative environment for these students to continue their musical education, TakeLessons is proud to offer music lessons at our new lesson centers located at over 75 Childtime, Children’s Courtyard, La Petite and Tutor Time schools across the country.

Beginning this month, students ages 5-12 in cities such as Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Phoenix and Seattle will have the opportunity to take voice, piano or guitar lessons after school at one of these lesson center locations. The program also offers piano lessons for children as young as three, as well as the option for students to take in-home lessons with other family members.  By enrolling in this program, parents can feel confident that their children will continue to receive the music education that is so important to their development.

Of course, our regular in-home or in-studio lessons are always an option for students looking for one-on-one musical training in a variety of instruments, from the flute to the ukulele.  Working with a TakeLessons Certified Instructor allows students of all ages to expand their musical knowledge and develop new skills at the same time.  Call us at 877-231-8505 or visit www.takelessons.com to schedule your fall music lessons today!

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