Featured Instructor: Joe, Drummer from Brooklyn

Here at TakeLessons we work hard to identify and hire only the best instructors that have the right charisma, character, and chops. We do this to guarantee a FirstClass Experience for our students – one that helps them stay involved in music.

We are continuously rating our instructors with an interal TakeLessons Quality Score that consists of timeliness, character, charisma, initiative, and results. We also receive feedback from our students on how they are enjoying the lessons and if they feel they are learning and accomplishing their goals.

We are proud to feature our TakeLessons instructors that receive rave reviews from their students. Today, we'd like to introduce you to Joe – drum teacher in Brooklyn, NY.


Joe specializes in rock, jazz, funk, and Afro-Cuban styles of playing. He comes from Chicago originally and has been playing for many years. He received his degree in Jazz Studies from NYU and is also the house manager for Jazz Gallery, a non-profit culture center in NYC that gives a stage for emerging artists.

Here is feedback from a couple TakeLessons students that Joe teaches:

"Joe is great. He is patient and makes my son want the lessons to
continue. My son gets extremely excited when he sees Joe. He not only
has learned to play the drums, but he is gaining confidence in himself
and is slowly learning to be more focused through Joe's mentoring.
Great teacher!

— Robert S. on February 09, 2009

"Joe, I just want to thank you so much for all the hard work and
effort you put in with Kareem (reem) to help him accomplish what he
need to learn in six weeks….Reem battles with
ADHD and I just wanna
say you did and excellent job…..I looked into a lot of different
teachers/schools. Youself and TakeLessons were the only ones who showed
great confidence right off the back that reem would be able to
accomplish what he needed to know in six weeks….so thank you again!!!!

I also would like for you to continue to work with reem to highest
level possible. I would like him to be able to play anything thing
(sheet of music) that is put in front of him. So please work with him
until you feel he has accomplished what he needs to know te be a
professional drum player (that may be a little to much…lol…but you
understand what I'm getting at)….once again THANK YOU!!!!!!

Kindra M

— Kindra M. on March 09, 2009

Thanks, Joe, for doing such an awesome job! TakeLessons mission is to inspire an entire generation of people to play music, and Joe is doing an incredible job of making that happen!

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