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Taryn L.

Los Angeles, CA

About Taryn

A graduate of Berklee College of Music, I have been writing songs since I learned to sing.
At a young age I began to play piano and violin, training in both the classical and pop genres.
I have been teaching piano lessons since I was 15 years old, when my own teacher had taken on more students than she could handle. Over the years, I have developed a passion and dedication for teaching music. I love to watch my students grow, and am elated to see the pleasure it brings to their own lives. Music is truly the universal language, and everyone should learn to speak it, in whatever form
they desire. I am adept at finding my students weaknesses, and making it their strengths.
After graduating college, I relocated to Brooklyn, where I opened my own private music studio, "Taryn's Melodies." I formed my own band, and played violin for The Anthony Mulcahy Band, where we opened for acts such as Glen Hansard and Mark Geary. In 2012, I was a featured artist at the Gealach Gorm Songwriter Festival in Kill, Ireland. I began working for Forbes Music Company in NY as a piano, violin, guitar, and vocal instructor. My debut album, "Too Happy For Love", released in February 2012, was acclaimed for "exhibiting a diverse and unique musical background, as well as a natural grasp of language and storytelling."

“I have been an educator and administrator for quite sometime, and am aware of the qualities that separate mediocre from good, and good from great. Taryn is unquestionably great. I am constantly evaluating teaching talent in private instruction, group instruction, and in public/ private school classrooms. It is not often that I find a teacher with Taryn’s ability, passion, personality, and commitment.”

-Forbes Music Company, NY

*** Lesson Details ***
My philosophy is that every lesson should be personalized to what the student's goals are. Music affects each of us differently, and therefore should be taught uniquely to that individual. Whether you want to become the next Billy Joel or Mozart, I can get you playing the tunes that you love in no time! I think it's important that you still get the same fundamentals and theory no matter what genre you're interested in, so that one day you can write your own tunes! I take particular care to make sure you make it through blocks of weaknesses, and get you back on track to reach your practice goals. It's all about making you the musician you've always wanted to be!

*** Studio Equipment ***
SV-1 Korg Vintage Stage Piano-88 key, Acoustic Guitars, Behringer Piano & Vox amp, violin, Shure PS-58 mic, ProTools, Blue Recording Mic

*** Travel Equipment ***
My own violin and guitar

*** Specialties ***
I am a classically trained musician with extensive experience in the pop/rock/contemporary genres, as well as jazz and folk music. I am a singer/songwriter, and love to encourage the students to express themselves through music.


Sharif A. May 12, 2015
Piano · In studio
Verified Student
Taryn was very good, very thorough. She was very knowledgeable about what I needed. Very easy to work with as well!
Larry W. March 19, 2015
Piano · In home
Verified Student
Taryn is great at finding a way to teach to your desires and needs. I'm learning the basics but in an inspiring and exciting way.
Susan L. October 30, 2014
Piano · In studio
Verified Student
Taryn makes re-learning an instrument so much fun! She is able to create a learning environment that is challenging, fun, and creative. I am always inspired and motivated to continually push my creative abilities after every class. She is amazing!
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Taryn L.

Taryn L.

Los Angeles, CA 90028
starting at
$35 / 30-min

Lynda C.

Los Angeles, CA

About Lynda

I have been teaching piano to children and adults for over 20 years and specialize in classical and pop.

I studied at the Toronto Conservatory of Music as well as with many private teachers.
This allows me to structure a method that best suits the student.

Also, having had a professional career as a singer-dancer in Film, TV and Stage, my students benefit from this performance experience.

*** Lesson Details ***
The student will learn proper technique, theory, strengthen his or her reading skills, and build repertoire in a fun environment. Methods that are taught include but are not li
mited to Alfred's, Bastien, Faber & Faber and Hanon.

Should the student be interested, there will be opportunities to participate in recitals.

*** Travel Equipment ***
Student should have a piano or keyboard at their home.

I have a piano at my studio.

*** Specialties ***
I teach classical and contemporary.


Ann P. April 3, 2015
Piano · In studio
Verified Student
She is THE best!!
Ann P. February 27, 2015
Piano · In studio
Verified Student
I can't say enough about what a wonderful teacher Lynda is. She is absolutely delightful and I feel so fortunate to have found her. I would recommend her to anyone. Thank you Lynda for being you!!
Sheryl B. August 6, 2014
Piano · In studio
Lynda is an amazing teacher, she always has a smile on her face and she just knows what she is doing. My 9 year old son has learned how to play songs like Yellow Submarine, New York, New York, The Entertainer, etc..songs that he really enjoys playing.

The best part is that she has recitals every year. I have noticed it has given my son a lot of confidence performing in front of others. During the recitals I am witness to all the talent and to the devoted teacher she really is. She brings out the best in her students. We are all grateful for her and always wish her the best. You will not be disappointed in having Lynda as your teacher. I have also referred 3 people to her and they all love her.
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Lynda C.

Lynda C.

Los Angeles, CA 90064
starting at
$25 / 30-min

Alex V.

Los Angeles, CA

Learn how to play the Piano easy and fun way, learn great exercise and piano pieces you love All levels and styles. Pop, Jazz, Classical.

About Alex


All styles and levels. 30 years experience - Europe/USA: Cal State LA, LACHSA, private.
Hi-tech studio: song arrangements, vocal demos, recordings, YouTube videos, and more.
All lessons include music book, instr. tracks, arrangements, recordings, Utube videos, etc.

* * *
Hollywood, California. The very name is magic. For a century Hollywood has attracted the greatest talent in the world. Great talent attracts great teachers. In 1992 European-trained Maestro Alex V. opened his private music school and began accepting students.

Alex received his Master of Arts in Music from the State Academy of Music of Latvia (USSR), and for many years taught at the Los Angeles County High-School of Arts and California State University of Los Angeles.

If your dream has always been to be the best singer, pianist or song-writer you could be, then you have found the right teacher. Many of Alex's students have gone onto exciting careers in the entertainment industry. Working directly with Prof Alex V. your natural talent will be groomed for success.


The wide diversity of music styles in existence today means that every performer must develop his own niche in the musical world. Alex's teaching method is simple yet effective, and can be applied to all musical styles and levels.

Your lessons begin with warm-up exercises: musical aerobics that are fun to do, and help to develop amazing technical skills. The balance of your lesson is dedicated to learning the music you love and want to learn.

All programs include music book, learning material, instr. tracks, recordings, arrangements, YT videos, and everything you possibly need to become a professional singer, pianist and song-writer.

Step by step you will learn musical basics that create a beautiful sound as you sing or play piano, gain technique, personal confidence and eventually become the great singer or pianist you always wanted to be.


Alex's V. Music Studio is located in West Hollywood. Big green umbrella on the porch with white table and chairs overlooks lovely rose garden.

Performance Room with baby grand piano, big sofa, fire place, big screen TV, lovely paintings and plants creates cozy yet professional atmosphere.

Voice & Recording Studio has Kurzweil Grand Piano, giant iMac, professional recording studio, Tyros work-station, superb sound system, extensive music library, spring water fountain and healthy snacks.


Alex teaches all styles and levels: from Pop, Jazz, Classical, R&B, to Rock, Country, Broadway, Opera, New Age, and much more.

At your request Alex can make your great song arrangements and instrumental tracks, vocal recordings, YouTube videos, and CDs.


Alex was born in Riga, Latvia (former USSR). His musical career started at early age of 4, and his solid musical training of 16 years culminated in Master of Arts in Music.

In Europe Alex worked as a musical director at the State University of Latvia, as a leading singer at the State Musical Theater and as a leading actor at the Riga Film Studios.

In 1985 Alex settled down in sunny Los Angeles, for many years he worked as a pianist, vocal coach and musical director at the LA county High-School of Arts and California State University of Los Angeles.

Now Prof. Alex V. works at his home in W Hollywood. He composes and arranges music, and maintains a select list of privately tutored students, including Miss Universe, Star Search winners, and many professional singers, actors and song-writers.



Chloe L. June 12, 2015
Singing · In home
Verified Student
Great 1st lesson with Alex. My daughter really enjoyed his coaching and looks forward to her remaining lessons.
Jacci February 26, 2015
Singing · In studio
Verified Student
Alex is the fifth instructor I've worked with from Take Lesson and the first man all the teacher were good but for me Alex is great! Caring, Focused, Honest, wants you to be the best you can be! Sincerely ~jacci
Jesse S. February 16, 2015
Singing · In home
Verified Student
Alex has been a huge help to me in both learning to sing and being a better person. He really takes the time to get to know and understand each student's unique goals and needs and then makes a space for creativity and art to grow.
He is also a true expert in music and his years of experience and schooling really shines through. He can pick up any song or musical style immediately and work with you on the type of music you find interesting.
I came in as a beginner and now have an ability to sing and use my voice that I really didn't expect. Highly recommended for students of music of all levels.
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Alex V.

Alex V.

Los Angeles, CA 90046
starting at
$40 / 30-min

Brian P.

Culver City, CA

About Brian

Brian discovered his talent and passion for teaching while still in college, and has been teaching guitar and piano in Southern California for over 20 years. Gifted at teaching students of all ages and abilities, he combines patience, creativity, imagination and boundless enthusiasm with solid professional training and experience. Brian also has over 10 years experience teaching piano and guitar to blind and autistic students.

A lifelong musician, Brian received his first musical training at the age of 4 and 5 years when his actor/singer Dad and musically talented Grandma taught him to si
ng and play the mandolin. He began piano lessons at age 5, and formal guitar instruction at the age of 10 years.

By the time he was a 14-year-old high school student, Brian was performing as lead guitarist in rock bands around Southern California, developing mastery of rock guitar and blues performance and improvisation. Brian went on to complete a Bachelor's Degree in Classical Guitar Performance from California State University, Los Angeles.

Passionate about all kinds of music, Brian's studies include choral music and conducting, Gregorian chant (at the Monastery of St. Pierre de Solesmes, France), and Master Classes with Andrés Segovia and Christopher Parkening. In 1984, he participated as a member of the Honor Choir for the ceremonies of the Olympic Games in Los Angeles, which included recording of original music by Philip Glass for the Olympic Games under the direction of David L. Wolper and Mr. Glass.

As a jazz guitarist, Brian continues to grow musically in association with his colleagues of the Naomi Jazz Group, and other close musical friends who include students of the late, great Ted Greene.

*** Lesson Details ***
FOR PIANO: Faber & Faber Method Series
Dozen A Day Technique series
STEEL STRINGS: Mel Bay, Alfreds Method Book
CLASSICAL: Fredric Noad
Julio Segraras Method
JAZZ: Stanford Jazz Workshop
The National Guitar Workshop's Jazz Guitar Method Series
Real Easy Books: Beginning & Intermediate Levels

I focus on four areas that I think are essential to being a good music teacher:

• the uniqueness of each student;
• the fact that enjoyment (fun!) maximizes learning;
• the importance of proper technique and an understanding of music theory to build self-confidence;
• the development of musicianship through performance.

My first interest with each new student is to discover how he or she learns, and then to apply appropriate teaching techniques to maximize their potential. I gear my lesson plans to the individual and strive to optimize the learning potential of the student.

In a lesson with me you can expect to never be bored, to laugh a lot, learn a lot, be positively engaged emotionally and challenged intellectually. I believe that learning is maximized when the student is enjoying the experience, and is faced with challenges appropriate to their skill level. I aim to make learning music fun, choosing musical selections to learn in the style and genre that relate to the student's interests and aspiration.

When my students perform in concerts, recitals, juries, auditions, recording sessions or simply for friends and family, they have self-confidence because they know precisely the "how" and "why" of everything required to perform well. My goal with students is to build a solid foundation in instrumental technique and thorough understanding of Music Theory at their appropriate level.

On a monthly basis, all my students practice performing pieces they are working on during the lesson time, with family/friends as an audience if desired and appropriate, and/or using digital recording to help the student develop a critical ear for their own playing.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Music stands, guitar/s and guitar stands, Dynarelle cushion, footrests, Korg 88 fully--weighted digital keyboard, Zoom H4 digital recorder.

As well, I have guitars and equipment both for teaching and performance of various styles, as below. Students will have the opportunity to learn about, play and become familiar with any of these instruments/equipment according to their interests and skill levels.


CLASSICAL: Ramirez Model 1A Classical (professional concert level instrument)
Cordoba (teaching/practice instrument)
Hohner Acoustic (electric)

ROCK: Fender Stratocaster (pre-CBS)
Shechter Omen6
Shechter Elite Series C1

FOLK: Martin (steel string)

JAZZ: Oscar Schmidt by Washburn (hollow body electric)
Gibson SG (electric)


AMPS: Fender Twin reverb
Pevey practice amp
Rock amp

Boss GT8 Effects Pedal

*** Travel Equipment ***
Guitar stands, guitar/s, Zoom H4 digital recorder. Generally I do not transport my Korg 88 keyboard to the student's home for lessons, but I can if necessary. However, I do require that piano students have their own piano/keyboard or at least reliable access to one for practice between lessons.

Guitar students should also have their own guitar. I can advise on appropriate instruments and can help students find a suitable guitar for their learning level and price range.


Georgia L. June 3, 2015
Guitar · In home
Verified Student
Great first lesson -- looking forward to next one!
Jim C. May 31, 2015
Guitar · In home
Verified Student
Great first lesson. As an absolute beginner he made me feel comfortable and set a framework to move forward.
Pietro N. April 12, 2015
Guitar · In home
Verified Student
Very good first lesson...great way of teaching. Very clear and patient.
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Brian P.

Brian P.

Culver City, CA 90230
starting at
$40 / 30-min

Yiming Z.

Los Angeles, CA

Learning the piano can be intellectually interesting and fun! As an experienced concert pianist, I am able to select pieces for my students from an extensive repertoire and across different periods of time. No matter whether you're interested in baroque or jazz, I will select the best pieces to suit your need and develop your techniques. I also explain basic music theory clearly, so you will not only learn how to play the piano, but also how pieces are composed.

About Yiming

Yiming has 20 years of piano teaching experience. He received a master degree of piano pedagogy at Northeastern Illinois University before he started pursuing a doctoral degree at Temple University. He has given numerous lectures and masterclasses both in China and in the United States. His students range from beginners to professionals.

Yiming strives to cater to each student’s individual needs. Instead of adhering to a set of textbooks and methods, he understands each student’s strengths and weaknesses, and uses various teaching materials and methods flexibly.

With a minor in music the
ory, Yiming also incorporates the study of music theory and history in his teaching. He believes that music tells stories: students should feel the music themselves and its story, and interpret the piece accordingly. With an extensive repertoire, Yiming also introduces students to pieces from different periods and styles, from baroque to 20th century modern music.


Li S. June 5, 2015
Piano · In studio
I am an advanced student of Yiming. I have been playing the piano for quite a few years, and wanted to find a teacher to brush my piano skills and learn more advanced pieces. One thing about him -- he can always spot my issues accurately and offer me solutions that I would not come out with by myself. He has a deep understanding of pieces he teach and he taught me how to interpret pieces according to the composer's marking on the score. He also pays a lot of attention to details that makes my playing a whole lot better.
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Yiming Z.

Yiming Z.

Los Angeles, CA 90035
starting at
$30 / 30-min

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