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Teri D.

Los Angeles, CA

Beginner acting, beg to intermediate -voiceover, voice acting

About Teri

I teach students of all ages in a relaxed, encouraging, and fun way- but with the structure many beginners need to reach their goals and with the background of a professional singer! Students will see themselves making progress and reaching set goals! This encourages them to continue on their musical journey - becoming the very best they can be! We will also learn fun popular songs and look for opportunities to sing them. We will also learn many styles of pop singing as well -- from pop to rock to R&B to country & more! From beginners and just-for-fun singers to singer/songwriters to pros, e
ach student will be able to learn the skills they need to sing from their heart and find their own true voice.

Teri has taught voice for over 15 years to all ages and all levels, led and trained various bands and groups for over 17 years. She is a club hit recording artist and premier LA vocal coach. Her vocals have graced full length CD's, cuts on various records, performances on TV and radio, and gained her a nomination for Best Female Vocalist, All Access Music Awards. She is the author of Vocal Essentials for the Pop Singer: Take Your Singing from Good to Great, from Hal Leonard Publishing. Teri has a Master's Degree in Education and a Bachelors Degree in Speech Pathology. She studied music at Blue Bear School of Music in San Francisco including music theory, vocal technique and vocal performance, guitar and stage performance. She had a dance club hit in the 90's which garnered success on mix shows and dance charts across the country.

She specializes in getting the best out of her students -- giving them a solid vocal technique to let their natural ability shine. Her students will attest to her positive, relaxed and encouraging teaching style.

In addition to learning the basics, Teri can help students get their voice in shape for events, school projects/plays, auditions (American Idol etc...), a solo or band project, and more!

Teri offers flexibility with scheduling to accommodate students various needs including day/eves and weekends. Studio is in a convenient Westside LA location.

*** Lesson Details ***
Students can expect a fun lesson with vocal warm-up exercises, and lots of singing, in a supportive environment. Teri works out of her home studio, so students can work with microphones and instruments.

Voice lessons build confidence and enthusiasm, and help prepare children for performing in front of others. Singing at a young age develops vocal abilities, but more importantly develops a child's aural abilities (recognizing melodies, harmonies, etc.) as well as the ability to focus, take direction and be creative.

Performing / Recording / Vocal Health
Recording. performing and touring presents unique challenges to singers. By concentrating on breathing, vocal production and tension reduction, warm-up exercises, and range building exercises, these lessons help increase stamina, build vocal tone, and reduce the effects of vocal fatigue for those who sing long hours at a time.

Church / Worship Leading
Singing on praise/worship teams is an art form all of it's own. Lessons centered around this kind of singing focus on the areas of blending, tone, hearing harmonies, and keeping your part in a group. For the soloist / worship leader, lessons help in the areas of projection, tone, range, runs, and breathing.

*** Studio Equipment ***
I have recording equipment and microphones, piano, guitar.

*** Specialties ***
voice, voice lessons, voice singing lessons, voice coaching, vocal technique, voice training, speaking (speakers), auditions, broadway singing (pop technique only), music theory, musical theatre, singing, speaking acting voice, acting, theatrical singing, adults, all levels, audition prep, beginner to advanced, breathing technique, children's basics, pro vocal technique, rock pop styling, stamina based breathing, theatre singing, voice actors, voice over artists, using your body as an instrument, getting students to record quality, building vocal tone, and assisting students in finding their own voice.


Paula A. June 4, 2015
Broadway Singing · In studio
Verified Student
Teri is very enthusiastic and encouraging in her lessons.
Karla H. May 27, 2015
Singing · In studio
Verified Student
I've been taking lessons with Teri for about a month now and things are working out great!
Gitla S. March 8, 2015
Singing · In home
Verified Student
Teri has made my first private singing lessons fun and relaxing. I can see why she is so good with kids and beginners. She is a pleasure and very helpful with technique.
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Teri D.

Teri D.

Los Angeles, CA 90064
starting at
$40 / 30-min

Samara K.

Los Angeles, CA

I pull from the multitude of performance techniques I have gathered as a global performance artist and instructor over the past 20 years. My approach is encouraging and gentle, as I guide you in finding your own authentic expression, and focus on bringing to light what makes you and your character unique, and therefore irresistibly engaging. I work with a combination of both concrete and abstract concepts which helps to identify the methods you best respond to, and also illuminates various avenues in which you can amass your full potential as an artist, allowing you to truly shine on stage, screen, and in your auditions!

About Samara

Hi there!

I'm Samara, and my mission is to unlock your artistic potential, preparing you to be your best and GIVE your best in the audition room.

I trained formally at celebrated arts institutions all over the globe, earning both a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Fine Arts (Theatre and Acting) from New York University, Tisch School of the Arts, and The Harvard American Repertory Theatre. During my training I was fortunate to perform in residence internationally at The Trinity Theatre in Dublin, and the renowned Moscow Art Theatre.

I'm a proud member of SAG-AFTRA and The Actor's Equi
ty Association, having worked professionally in Miami, New York, LA, and even Moscow in award winning Off Broadway Theatre, Short Films, Voice Over, Stand-Up Comedy, Commercials, and a popular underground Webseries praised by Entertainment Weekly. I've also had the opportunity to sing at Carnegie Hall, televised sporting events, musicals, and rock shows.

I coach everyone from high-profile professionals to young artists at the beginning of their career. My overarching ambition is to open the channels that allow you to flow freely in life and art, encourage you to take meaningful, rewarding risks, and become the confident, accomplished performer you know you can be!


Zeke July 21, 2015
Audition Prep · In studio
Samara Kelly is not only an amazing teacher but also an amazing person.
She was my first acting coach and I can not imagine what my life would look like without her guidance.
Samara has a strong passion for what she does and shares that passion, along with her experience and wisdom, through her lessons.
She always finds ways to bring things out of me I didn't even know were possible, all while creating a safe and nurturing environment that allows and fosters growth and progress.
Samara Kelly is the main reason I was accepted into not one, but two intensive training programs in New York City. She encouraged and helped me get on my path to becoming the actor I want to be.
I wholeheartedly recommend taking sessions with Samara
Crystal Rose June 26, 2015
Acting · Online
Samara has really helped me break out of my shell. She is honest and thorough and really cares about her students success. I sometimes even refer to her as my therapist and my guru... She is that good!

Thank you Samara!
Savannah S. April 5, 2015
Acting · In studio
I worked with Samara on monologues for college auditions and for my showcase, we worked together for a little under (I think) three months. She's such a great teacher, definitely no complaints. I really loved working with her and she totally helped build my confidence when it came to performing in front of others—I'm (or was) ironically shy/weird about performing monologues and pieces in front of people and have been since I started doing theatre (10 years ago). Nonetheless, I got over that after Samara helped me with my acting and I don't get pre-performance anxiety/nerves anymore. I don't think I would've been able to pull off any of my monologues had it not been for her lessons, she actually helped me choose one of the audition monologues because I couldn't find a second one. In the whole monologue/character-building process, she took notes and asked me questions that really made me think about my character and their motives and actions and whatnot. She's also very encouraging and would commend me on anything I did well or improved on. Point is, Samara is a superb teacher and human!! I'd confidently recommend her classes to anyone who needs help with their acting. Five stars because she definitely was the best instructor ever!!
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Samara K.

Samara K.

Los Angeles, CA 90046
starting at
$79 / 60-min


Beverly Hills, CA

I've been an Acting Coach for more than 10 years and my students have gone on to sign with notable agents and managers & book leading roles. Within the first few lessons, you'll be able to BE and not ACT, and as time goes on you'll be able to break down a script and understand the character. I specialize in method acting, using my own experience as an actor and student myself. I provide all the script material necessary for our sessions.

About ERIC

Eric has been teaching private lessons since 2005 and is currently available to teach lessons at his studio, and online. Eric has helped students from all levels, beginner to advanced, transform into working actors. His technique has resulted in his students landing agents and booking roles, both in tv/film and commercials.

Eric received his training beginning at the prestigious South Coast Repertory in Southern California. From there, Eric studied with such notable teachers as Mark Monroe, Kevin McDermott, and James Bailey at the famed Comedy Sportz LA. As an expert in his field, Eric loo
ks forward to helping new students achieve their goals. Eric's teaching style is both nurturing as well as challenging, supportive, and highly effective .


Chris W. April 19, 2015
Film and TV Acting · In studio
Eric coaches his students to have believable on-camera performances rather than teach acting theory. He has a positive attitude that creates a safe environment to learn and sharpen your skill. Highly recommend.
Silvia S. April 14, 2015
Acting · In studio
Eric is a top-notch acting coach. I have been taking acting classes for over 2 years now at various acting schools in Los Angeles and it seemed like I really wasn’t progressing. I was considering private coaching but I always felt that it was just too expensive. Finally, on the recommendation of a friend, I decided to take my first private lesson with Eric. Wow is he great. He has a great personality, is very supportive and positive, and he is extremely passionate about coaching actors.

In this town there are hundreds (if not thousands) of acting coaches, and many of them are out of touch with knowing which skills are needed in today’s acting market. Eric is an actor, producer and director, and teaches a technique that is current, relevant and practical.

It is worth every penny to be coached by someone who is passionate about teaching you and who focuses on only you, and not 15 other students in class. Thanks to Eric’s coaching, I am definitely growing more confident with my skills and it shows at every audition.
Jonathon B. April 4, 2015
Film and TV Acting · Online
Best instructor ever! He works with you to help you understand and is very accommodating to your needs! He really knows the craft and i would recommend him to anyone looking for a acting coach out there! 5 stars all the way!
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Beverly Hills, CA 90212
starting at
$75 / 30-min

Jeremy S.

Los Angeles, CA

I am an internationally experienced director/producer and have taught at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, American University, The Shakespeare Theatre, Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, University of Maryland - College Park, University of Nebraska - Lincoln, and University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, Fu Ren Catholic University in Taipei, The Globe Theatre in London, Institute of Dramatic Art in Tokyo, and The International Theater Academy Norway in Oslo.

About Jeremy

I am an internationally experienced teacher on both the university and high school levels.

I have directed or produced over 100 theatrical productions worldwide, including Washington, DC, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Nebraska, Los Angeles, Atlanta, London, Galway, Macau, and Taichung. Additionally, I have taught in New York, Chicago, Oslo, Tokyo, Bali, and Kilimanjaro. I have a BFA from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts.

As a businessman, I have an MBA from American University and have founded five companies (two theaters, two arts fe
stivals, and a talent agency), all of which are still operational. As a result, I have 15 years of experience with accounting, marketing, finance, and negotiations. That experience extends to a strong understanding and experience with the financial side of producing theater, films, and new media. I also have extensive public speaking experience, which I have taught in schools as well as private coaching with lawyers, government employees, and executives.


Katie R. April 21, 2015
Acting · In studio
Jeremy is an excellent teacher, because he is a forever student. His curiosity and inquisitive nature drive him to make discoveries with his actors rather than thrust his ideas upon them. He listens. Jeremy teaches to and takes care of the whole person, not just the artist. He will get to know you, and help you use your strengths as an individual (as well as an actor) to get to the heart of a character. His energy and passion are contagious, and drive his team forward. I have now worked with Jeremy as an assistant director, actor, and student. I look forward to the next opportunity to learn from him.
Desmond B. April 20, 2015
Acting · In studio
Jeremy is one of the most exceptionally gifted directors, coaches, and mentors I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. Our first time working together was when he directed me in Thomas Babe's, "Kid Champion" during my fourth year at the North Carolina School of the Arts. From day one of rehearsals, Jeremy created an environment where everyone felt comfortable enough to make bold, thoughtful, and sometimes, even wrong choices. He never made any of us feel like we were just students that needed to sit back and take direction, but instead, instilled a colleague-like quality that permeated every rehearsal. We were collaborators on this amazing project that we all wanted to see come to fruition, and that is something I will never forget. When I moved to Washington, D.C. after school, Jeremy was there and, without question, took me under his wing giving me the necessary tools to navigate the Washington, D.C. theater scene. Jeremy is the best you guys. I would highly recommend him to any actor that is looking to really strengthen and hone their own personal craft and work habits as well as invest in someone who is only interested in developing the type of actor YOU want to be. He has taught me so much and I know there's even more he can teach me; so for that, I am thankful and can't wait until our paths cross again!
Thomas R. April 19, 2015
In studio
Jeremy has been an inspiration. He worked with me as a director early on in my college career and helped arm me with the tools that I needed to work professionally. His thoughts are clear and precise, his spirit is willing and curious. A wonderful person to spend your time with. I look forward to the next chance to work with him.
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Jeremy S.

Jeremy S.

Los Angeles, CA 90046
starting at
$40 / 60-min

Shaula C.

Los Angeles, CA

The work we'll be focusing on will include but is not limited to:
•Working on scenes for a specific audition or role to make the performance more exciting and memorable.
•Cold reading and sight reading skills improvement.
•Refining a performance for further development of a character for a callback.
•Focusing on specific blocks the actor may have in other class work or performance work that is preventing him or her from freeing up emotionally.

About Shaula

Teaching makes me happy! Hi I'm Shaula , I attended various schools like The Lee Strasberg Institute of Los Angeles and The Beverly Hills Playhouse. My film debut came in the film "Original Sin" with Antonio Banderas and Angelina Jolie. I star in the family film "Canela" and guest starred in the play "The Good Canary" Directed by John Malkovich as Sylvia. That was amazing. I co starred in "No eres tu soy yo" with Eugenio Derbez and Martina Garcia.
I've been very lucky to work with some amazing people, but luck is only good combined with hard work. So let's do it! Prepare for your lucky momen
t! I'll help you get ready to shine!


Isela July 14, 2015
A wonderful experience that you won't regret.
A great pleasure to be her student. She is an amazing Instructor, Actress and above all an amazing human being.
Tengo la fortuna de ser su alumna y es una experiencia que me a dado muchisimas satisfacciones. A sido un enorme placer tomar sus clases de actuacion. Shaula es talentosisima como maestra, como actriz y un ser humano hermoso.
victor July 10, 2015
Acting · In studio
I really loved to be there and learned from my teacher Shaula Vega. She was one of the best teachers i had. The time was very short but i was happy when she was helpinf me with my acting classes.
Jim July 9, 2015
Acting · In studio
Hi, where should I start. I really sought after a great experience and a friendly ambiance wherein i could learn the craft. I wounded up loving my class and feeling right at home. The camaraderie and Shaulas teachings were definately a breath of fresh air. After so many bad experiences I have finally found a good Acting teacher with a heart that truly cares in this town. After hearing about Shaula, I wanted to give it a try with no strings attached I signed up and as the saying goes, everything else is history. I found not only a comfortable learning environment, but someone who cares and doesn't belittle you but helps edify you. Her teaching style is unique and very effective. If you want a safe environment were in you can grow as an Actor and human being, I strongly suggest you look Shaula up. -Jim Francis.
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Shaula C.

Shaula C.

Los Angeles, CA 90038
starting at
$45 / 30-min

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