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Josiah J.

Josiah J.

Whether you want to make a website for personal or professional reasons, Wordpress is a great place to start. You'll learn the basics from navigating the dashboard and customizing your theme to intermediate levels where you'll learn how to customize PHP files, adjust CSS, and much more!
/30 mins
Matthew H.

Matthew H.

Wordpress Expert since 2007. I have sites that rank in the top 10 results for keyword searches with more than 40 million results. Right Now. My best day in traffic was over 6000 unique visitors. I also have sold. over $ 1 million of other peoples products online in affiliate marketing. See the last video on my profile, then let me show you how step by step! Learn From a Teacher That IS Great at Wordpress, and an Awesome Teacher Too! You can write your own paycheck if you are decent at wordpress! Hurry! Prices for Really Good WordPress Teachers are only going UP! My highest ranking site in Alexa was 31,000 traffic ranking as a 1 man business. My Best ROI was making $1300 for every $100 I spent in advertising. If you build a wordpress site believe me when I say.. both free and very inexpensive paid traffic is out there I am an expert in SEO and online marketing and sales in general. Paid, Organic, Or Viral On Social Media. I also have achieved "Super Affiliate" status (Which means I have made $10,000 a month (or more) in commission marketing other peoples products for them) and can prove this as well. I have been working full time from home since 2002. Bottom Line! I can help anyone optimize their business to get more leads, sales and long time repeat customers to their website or phone. Attention TakeLessons Teachers- That Means You. I can help you make more money teaching than you ever have before. I can help you find more TL leads as well as leads on your own. Six Figures Teaching or Coaching is More Achievable Than You Think! Levels Taught: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
/15 mins
Tawanna S.

Tawanna S.

Have a small business and want to create a web presence quickly? I can have you online in a short period of time and start spreading your brand message.
/60 mins
Rick J.

Rick J.

Do-it-yourself WordPress is deceptively simple and incredibly complex. To many people, it's like a 1,000-piece puzzle without the picture on the box top. Creating a WordPress website begins with lining up your resources with a domain name and web hosting. That is before you even install WordPress. I teach you how to do that. Next, you need to select a theme, create pages, link parts with menus, add plugins, and apply widgets. You will want to understand concepts and learn the vocabulary. I teach all of that. Finally, you add your content, tweak your design, engage SEO, and set up "best practices" maintenance. I guide you through doing that yourself, too. If you have already started, we can pick up where you left off, or we can start from scratch. I have the patience if you have the passion!
/30 mins
Tom O.

Tom O.

Did you know nearly 40% of the web is powered by WordPress? It is absolutely the best way to build websites, backed by a massive community of world-class developers. I've had the privilege of watching WP grow from a mere blogging platform to a powerhouse Content Management System where your imagination is that only limitation. I'm convinced whatever you (or your client) needs can be accomplished with ease using WordPress. I can't wait to show you the in's and out's of this incredible open-source website building platform!
/30 mins
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Rob (WordPress lessons with Etana H.)

Etana is easy to work with. After 1 90 minute class I was able to come home and do many different types of edits even ones she did not directly show me.

David (WordPress lessons with Etana H.)

Etana is AWESOME!! She is very patient, detail oriented, and takes her time to explain, and actually wants you to succeed in your endeavors!!! THANK YOU!

Joan (WordPress lessons with Etana H.)

I have hope now that I learn this difficult skill and do it myself! Very patient and understanding.

Diana (WordPress lessons with Etana H.)

Good communication skills and knowledge

Rob (WordPress lessons with Etana H.)

Etana is easy to work with. After 1 90 minute class I was able to come home and do many different types of edits even ones she did not directly show me.

David (WordPress lessons with Etana H.)

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