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Popular Music Teachers in Mount Judea, AR

Dara L.

1 Review
Teaches Online
Starting at $65
  • Speaks English, Thai, French
  • BSc Management (Marketing) from The University of Manchester, UK
  • Teaches Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Teaching Locations:
Profile-location-online Online
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio
Profile-location-home Student's Home
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Dara L.

1 Review
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Whether you are a total beginner, have played piano before or are looking to advance your piano skills & repertoire, Dara is the teacher for you! She carefully adapts her teaching style and lesson plan according to each individual. Having over 10 years of teaching experience as well as international performance and celebrity coaching experience, you better believe that your own goals as a student will be met!

About Dara

Professional vocal coach and experienced stage and performance teacher, Dara opened Asia’s first Limelight Stage & Theatre Classes in August 2011.   Having had 7 valuable years of teaching experience to students of many ages ranging from 3 to 70, and having taught people from all walks of life incl

Recent Reviews
Nitzan Saar
Dara is a great professional and pleasant teacher!

Eleni T.

Teaches Online
Starting at $50
  • Speaks English, Greek
  • Classical Music Performance from Bard College
  • Teaching since 2008
Teaching Locations:
Profile-location-online Online
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio
Profile-location-home Student's Home
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Eleni T.

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Key aspects of my teaching are:
- Provide a safe learning setting that encourages my students to explore their potential.
- Design fun and effective exercises based on each individual’s strengths and weaknesses.
- Incorporating Body Work principals (Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, and Anatomy) that will help students build fast and easy a strong, effective and pain-free technique.
- Teach the art of intelligent practicing. Gain maximum results with minimum
- Explore and express their own emotions and ideas about every piece by
engaging their imagination and creativity.
- Enjoy every moment of the journey and build a powerful and effective
flute-playing as well as a strong self-esteem through music making.

About Eleni

Music has always been what I love to do. I am deeply grateful to all my teachers and mentors throughout these 18 years such as Judith Mendenhall, Samuel Coles, Paul Edmund Davies, Wissam Boustany, Luis Garcia Renart and many others. I have performed in concerts throughout the United States, China,

Astrid C.

14 Reviews
Teaches Online
Starting at $30
  • Speaks English, Spanish
  • Teaches students 5 to 70
  • Teaching since 2013
Teaching Locations:
Profile-location-online Online
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio
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Astrid C.

14 Reviews
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About Astrid

Teaching is my passion. Over the last few years I have worked with some amazing students of all ages. My youngest student was 2 years old and my oldest student is in her 70's and I absolutley love that! I have experience working with children with learning difficulties and students who get frustrat

Recent Reviews
Amy F.
Astrid was amazing. Got me ready for my Singing audition
Miles C.
Patricia T.
Very patient teacher.

Meet Online Music Teachers Serving Mount Judea, AR

Profile-background-check Background Check

Leonard B.

Teaches Online
Starting at $42
  • Teaches students 5 and up
  • Teaches Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Teaching since 2015
Teaching Locations:
Profile-location-online Online
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio
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Leonard B.

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I am passionate about helping students of all levels perform at their highest level. My lessons will balance musical practice with technical training, with the goal that students will develop the fundamental skills to allow them to fully express their musical ideas - whatever style of music they wish to play.

About Leonard

Hello! I am a trumpet player currently pursuing a masters degree at the University of Michigan School of Music. I have performed with orchestras, chamber music groups, and bands, and enjoy playing a wide range of music. I also love teaching! I love helping students discover their musical voice - an

Dimitry O.

8 Reviews
Teaches Online
Starting at $45
  • Speaks Russian, English
  • Teaches Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Doctor of Musical Arts from University of California, Santa Barbara
Teaching Locations:
Profile-location-online Online
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio
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Dimitry O.

8 Reviews
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Much of my methods are derived from my doctoral dissertation studies in the field of Sports Psychology. I apply my teaching methods to develop and increase control of muscular and mental functions, accuracy, precision, discipline, mental awareness and overall coordination in violin performance. I am eager to share my knowledge and experience in sports psychology and to emphasize the general psychological benefits and contribution to human enrichment.

​My students earn numerous accolades, such as Concertmaster and title positions in the: Colburn Chamber and Los Angeles Youth Orchestras, Santa Monica High School Chamber Orchestra, Idyllwild Music Festival Symphony and Chamber Orchestras, Interlochen Music Festival, Honor Orchestra of America, and Santa Monica High School Symphony and Chamber Orchestra, Palisades High School Symphony; Grand Prize in the Fifth International Colibri Music Competition, Westside Committee of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Student Scholarships and ...

About Dimitry

My teaching principles are based on outlining the advantageous mental and physical practice techniques revealed through research in Sports Psychology. These methods help my students strategically overcome the numerous psychological obstacles in order to develop a consistently high level of performa

Recent Reviews
Kiran L.
I started learning violin from Dr. Dimitry 1 month ago because, unlike other teachers, I found Dr. Dimitry very honest in specifying the subtleties and nuances, especially the snaggy ones which make the violin one of the most challenging instruments to learn. Although his classes were very expensive, I chose him as he was a straightforward and experienced violinist and I never compromise on the quality of teaching. Also, being a doctoral student myself, I know what it means to earn a Ph.D. and that too in music.

Now, it has been one month, and I enjoy his classes. His analogies and examples are an apt way of understanding the techniques of playing the violin. Though Dr. Dimitry is an advanced violinist, he is very patient with absolute beginners. To sum up, I would highly recommend him to people who are very serious and determined to learn and practice the violin.
A true professional and a great teacher! I have been taking violin lessons now for 6 months with Dr. Dimitri Olevsky, having switched to Dimitri after having had a mediocre experience with my previous teacher. Wow…what a difference. Dimitri ably blends his extensive knowledge, talent, and seriousness about his craft with a witty sense of humor. He is able to simplify the complexities of violin technique so that it is truly feels accessible. Highly recommended.
Dr. Olevsky was immediately able to improve my playing with direct, practical advice. He is concerned with efficient practice and in making the maximum amount of progress in the time that one has. He is highly knowledgable about the audition process and the real day to day of being a professional performing violinist. I have been playing for 15+ years and find Dimitry's lessons very challenging and stimulating.
Profile-student-favorite Student Favorite

Carla U.

23 Reviews
Teaches Online
Starting at $38
  • Teaches students 9 and up
  • Awarded Novelty Song of the Year from Just Plain Folks
  • AFA Music from Brevard College
Teaching Locations:
Profile-location-online Online
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio
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Student Favorite

Carla U.

23 Reviews
Book Now

Lessons are tailored towards the students goals and abilities. Play with or without a pick, learn popular songs, or write your own.

Over the last 25+ years of teaching guitar, I've found that most of my students want to learn to play popular songs they've heard on the radio (I teach all decades of songs, from 1920's to current hits, and I "take requests").

I can also teach note-reading and music theory (optional- recommended for those who want to major or minor in music in college, and for those who already play another treble-clef instrument).

My goal is to build confidence and make learning fun. I hone in on a students' strengths and weaknesses, build on the strengths and gradually improve the weaknesses.

Acoustic guitar is the most social musical instrument there is! So get started! I promise you will have a non-threatening, relaxed environment to learn in, and go at a pace that is just right for you.

About Carla

Music is my LIFE! After more than 25 years of teaching at music camps, music stores, 3 colleges and my home, I completely understand that the lessons are all about YOU, the student: what you want to learn, taught to you in a way that works for your brain and personality. And if you don't know

Recent Reviews
Carla's teaching technique was perfect for me. I have played the guitar for longer than I care to admit and even I was tired of hearing my same old stuff. She incrementally moved me forward line by line, measure by measure to where I now have several fingerpicking style numbers in my portfolio.

Playing for my own enjoyment is now enjoyable once again.

My lessons were online and very effective - when I got stuck, Carla would send me a sample audio clip of her playing the difficult part which was a godsend for me in how I learn new musical things.

I highly recommend Carla and her Carlalology method of guitar teaching. You won't be disappointed.
Earl *.
Great teacher and she teaches many different styles of playing.
Paul P.
i originally selected carla as my instructor based on her skills, resume, other students comments etc. listed on the website. shortly after my lessons began i realized she was a vital resource for guidance, knowledge and material all of which would enable me to grow as a musician. she is talented, smart, inspirational, funny and more, what else could you ask for?!!!!

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"I started taking piano lessons with Josh a year ago and I am happy to say it is a great experience! Josh is an amazing teacher. He is only focused on what his student want and build his lessons around that to further their growth. Josh is flexible with scheduling lessons and is accommodating when lessons need to be changed or cancelled. He is overall a fun, interactive, and patient teach. I highly recommend him!"
Took Piano lessons from Joshua F.
"I have been through so many teachers. Some good and some bad. Kait is the vocal teacher you hope to find on that journey. Not only is she a phenomenal singer, she has a great talent for understanding what you want/goals in a lesson. She knows the voice and I think that is the strongest quality in a vocal teacher. Thank you Kait, you are wonderful to work with."
Took Singing lessons from Kait K.
"Ahmad is Awesome! Lessons are a must. Before I started lessons, I would find tabs online and it was fun but I was wasting my time. I wasn't progressing and I didn't have any concept of timing and other essential basics. As a result, I was playing the proper notes but I wasn't playing them correctly and I couldn't improvise at all.

Ahmad takes difficult concepts and breaks them down into small, easy to understand pieces. Harmony concepts that I thought I wouldn't be able to grasp, I understand fully and use every day. He has a ton of tips that make learning so much faster. For instance, you learn how to find any note on the neck quickly without having to memorize the whole neck, which is crucial skill. Another great thing is that he uses tablature in his lessons. So, you don't have to know how to read music to get started.

If you ever want to write your own music or play with other people, call Ahmad now. He will make sure you learn the right way. I'm writing music and playing/improvising solos, at a level I thought I would never be able to achieve. Every lesson opens new possibilities."
Took Songwriting lessons from Ahmad G.
"have never touched a musical instrument in my life. Im 46 years old. Dave brought the lesson to my level beginers and I feel confident that I will do well with Dave."
Took Saxophone lessons from Daniel K.
"Jesse is a great teacher, I would recommend him to everyone!"
Took Acoustic Guitar lessons from Jesse M.
"Kelly keeps my 12 daughter energized about song writing!"
Took Songwriting lessons from Kelly A.
"Nick is an awesome instructor!"
Bente Basmajian
Took Cello lessons from Nicholas H.
"She is fantastic. The half hour flew by. It is clear that she enjoys playing and has the knowledge and skill to teach others."
Took Oboe lessons from Dawn S.
"Regardless of your experience level Andrew can tailor the lessons perfectly to your skill level. I have been playing guitar for quite a few years and wanted to improve my skills. Andrew has helped me improve playing, interpretation, and voice to a much higher level."
Took Acoustic Guitar lessons from Andrew P.
"Steve is a great teacher with many years of experience in the public schools and as a private instructor. My grandson currently takes lessons with Steve and loves it! From beginning to advanced students, Steve is a fantastic instructor!"
Took Trumpet lessons from Steve O.
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