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About Aaron M.

Stockton, CA
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Drum lessons will cover basic and advanced techniques, reading music, and a variety of styles. Specific techniques that apply to your favorite styles (marching, double bass, jazz hi hat, visuals, etc) will also be taught. Drum students will learn music theory as it relates to drumming, enabling you to write your own musical ideas and read music performed by others - including transcribing parts from recordings of favorite drummers. We will also learn all about the instruments – from the drum shells to the drum heads, cymbals, hardware, and sticks – and drum tuning so the student can make informed decisions to accomplish your desired sound. From getting comfortable with a pair of sticks to mastering your favorite styles, drum lessons will be exciting and informative.

About Aaron
Aaron holds a Bachelor of Music degree in Music Management from the University of the Pacific. At Pacific, Aaron studied both jazz and classical music, and performed rock/gospel music on campus. He also completed graduate units through Liberty University.

He has directed instrumental music at Sunrise Community Church in Fair Oaks, CA, and directed the worship ministry at Escalon Covenant Church in Escalon, CA.

Aaron has been teaching private lessons since 2007, and has been teaching marching percussion at high schools since 2008. His students students have earned college music schola
rships, honor band seats, and professional performances, and the winter percussion ensemble he taught won first place at NCBA Championships.

Aaron has a broad range of musical experiences including performances in rock bands, R&B bands, drum corps, orchestras, chamber ensembles, jazz bands and combos, and many many more. He loves sharing this diverse musical background with his students.

As a timpanist and percussionist, Aaron has been an extra member of the Stockton Chorale Society Orchestra. As a drummer, Aaron has worked professionally in the pit at Magic Circle Theater company in Roseville, CA. As a bass guitarist, Aaron performed professionally with Sacramento area jazz guitarist Greg Perkins. As a guitarist, Aaron has led worship and played on worship teams.

Aaron also taught middle school English and Computer Applications in Stockton, CA, and has worked as a private tutor and substitute teacher of all subjects, K-12.

*** Lesson Details ***
More lesson times may be available. Please call if other arrangements are needed.**

-- The most important thing to know about lessons with Aaron is that you will receive a customized experience tailored to fit your musical desires and goals. He will work to understand your desires in music, and will use existing materials and generate new materials to challenge you and help them you reach your goals.

Some common goals Aaron has worked with are:
- Preparing for an Audition
- Starting a band with friends
- Learning music for a school band/percussion ensemble
- Personal enrichment/ better understanding of music
- Exploring career possibilities
- Improving technical ability

**** Aaron's guiding principles are: 1. Music is vitally useful and Important in society! Music brings joy to the multitude, and enhances expression for its artists.

2. Anyone can be a musician! Every student has unlimited potential, and it is Aaron's desire to unlock that potential, allowing my students to succeed in music.

3. Music should be fun! Too many instructors stick to the gritty business of method books. While this has its place, Aaron knows that it is only a small part of music. Music is meant to be fun, and Aaron makes the learning process fun and exciting at every stage by incorporating the interests of his students.

4. Hard work should always be rewarded! Aaron is always positive with his students and celebrates their accomplishments continually.

5. Music is what you make it! Whatever your desires and goals in music, Aaron will help you to achieve them. All musical aspirations are valid and valuable. Whether you want to be a rock star, a concert timpanist or just to make music with friends and family, he will equip you with the tools you need to get there.

6. Proper technique and musical knowledge empower musicians! Whatever your goals, starting with good technique and understanding the music you play will keep you from injury and promote your success.

7. Listening is vital to understanding music! Aaron's students listen to and analyze recordings of music they like to gain insight and understanding to how the music works. Aaron encourages his students to play along with recordings to work on the organic elements of music which cannot be gained from dry academic study. Guitarists will start with either an acoustic guitar or electric guitar & practice amp. They will also need a metronome, tuner, and notebook. They will learn to read music, tablature, and chord symbols, and they will learn to play melodies, riffs, and chords in the style(s) they prefer.

-- Bass Guitarists will start with a bass guitar and an amp. They will also need a metronome, tuner, and notebook. They will learn to read music and tablature and play bass grooves and solos in the style(s) they prefer. Drummers and percussionist will generally start with a pair of sticks and a practice pad, learning the basic techniques of drumming for the first 6-12 weeks, and will move on to drum set or percussion instruments as they demonstrate proper technique. They will also need a metronome and notebook. They will learn to read and play music in the style(s) they prefer.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Drums/Percussion: Drum Sets, Practice Pad, Vibraphone, Percussion Instruments, Music Stands.

Guitar: Practice Amp, Music Stands.

Bass: Bass Guitar Amp, Music Stands.

Recording: Microphones, Mic Stands, Clips and Cables, M-Audio Multitrack Interface, GarageBand 11, Studio Accessories.

*** Specialties ***
Jazz, Rock, Popular, Funk, Classical, Chamber Music, Gospel & Worship Music; Extended Cross Grip, Burton Grip, Stevens Grip, French Grip, German Grip; Drum Set, Timpani, Vibraphone, Marimba, Marching Snare Drum, Marching Tenor Drums, Cymbals, Triangle, Tambourine, Shakers, Congas, Cajon, Djembe.
Mandy Holmes September 4, 2016
Verified Student · Piano · In studio
Aaron has been a absolutely patient and informative piano teacher to my 8yr old. I saw my child progress well and learn many wonderful things. I will definitely use Aaron for any future music lessons for my child.
Star June 13, 2016
Verified Student · Piano · In home
He's a great instructor.
Matt W. February 23, 2016
Verified Student · Drum · In studio
We chose Aaron for his great resume at first, once we started the lesson we knew the one hour commute each way was well worth it. Aaron's knowledge and patients are top notch, And my sons enthusiasm for The drums has grown with each lesson. Thank you Aaron for all your hard work.

Matt W.
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Aaron M.

Aaron M.

Stockton, CA 95209
starting at
$30 / 30-min

About Christian C.

Brentwood, CA
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Ages 10 to adult, beginners (no experience) to advanced

(Exceptions can be made for younger students but they have to be able to reach the pedals on a full size drum set.)

About Christian
Christian has 20 years of teaching experience and 25 years of performance experience in a myriad of styles. He is currently enrolled at the Berklee School of Music (Boston, MA) through their online Music Production Degree Program.

Christian is also a member in the following organizations:

Vic Firth Education Team

Hudson Music Teacher Integration Program

Professional Drum Teachers Guild. He has studied privately with John Xepoleas, Steve Bowman (Counting Crows), Rob Hart, Alan Hall and currently with Mike Johnston.

Christian is also accepting a limited amount of students from the
age of 10 to adult, beginner to advance. He currently has openings at his Brentwood home studio on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays.

The air-conditioned studio is equipped with 2 drum sets and professional digital recording equipment to capture each lesson. The latest educational DVD's and play-along/minus-drums CD's are also incorporated in the lessons.

Parents are encouraged to sit in on the lessons or they can relax or do some work in the internet ready waiting room. An annual recital is conducted for family and friends.

Prepare for school auditions, refine hand and foot technique, learn double bass grooves and fills improve reading and transcribing , sharpen your timing, incorporate linear playing, apply rudiments to the drum set.

Styles: Rock / Funk / Country / Blues / Jazz / Latin

*** Lesson Details ***
Sometimes the availability calendar is not updated in a timely manner.

Every student is different. Depending on their age and/or goals, this is the typical curriculum for a beginning (no experience) student.

Beginners (build the foundation)
- Hands: how to hold the sticks correctly
- Feet: heel up or heel down technique

- Explain note values
- Explain drum set notation

Coordination and Timing
- Learn basic beats to play music
- Understand how to practice with a metronome
- How to play along to music

*** Studio Equipment ***
Home room converted with sound absorbing materials with 2 drum sets, acoustic and electronic. Air conditioned living room seating for parents. Audio recordings are provided for every lesson and portions of each lesson are also video recorded.
Dillon S. January 5, 2016
Verified Student · Drum · In studio
My son really enjoyed his first lesson. He was excited to start practicing his "assignment" the moment we arrived home.
Noah M. October 5, 2015
Verified Student · Drum · In studio
My son is a perfectionist and sanatoria a little...christian is great!
rita W. January 30, 2014
Verified Student · Drum ·
Easy to sign up and Great customer service

My 12 yr old decided he wanted drums for Christmas and we knew that would include getting him lessons. Finding Christian through Take lessons was indeed lucky for my son. If you are looking for a teacher who is calm, level headed, knowledgeable and very easy to contact at anytime then Christian is who you are looking for. He has several students and they all come out happy and feeling good about their lessons. My son, even when not feeling great insist that he attend his drum lessons. compliments to the instructor.
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Christian C.

Christian C.

Brentwood, CA 94513
starting at
$35 / 30-min

About Ryan L.

San Leandro, CA
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ALL SKILL LEVELS and all ages are welcome.


I customize each students lesson to their individual needs and the styles of drumming they enjoy. Expect to have a lot of fun on your path of drumming!

About Ryan
Ryan's passion for teaching allows him to customize each student's lesson to their individual needs and style. He works with students of all skill levels and all ages. See: Ryanscottlong.Net/lessons for more info on what Ryan covers.

Having been described as a musician “with gut busting solos and dynamic versatility, Ryan Scott Long continues to push drumming to new levels. With his forward thinking approach, Ryan may be forming an exciting new style of drumming. Long has toured across the country in bands covering many different genres of music giving him a unique style that can only b
e formed through [his] immense experience under his belt.”*

Ryan’s project "Booker Long Duo" recently cut their second release "Booker Long Duo EP" featuring an explosively intense double drums collaboration with Grammy-winning drummer Thomas Pridgen alongside Mike Sopko on guitar.

His group "BroJazz” will be releasing their debut record May 3, 2016 and will be distributed worldwide by The LA Sound Group (Thundercat, Stanley Clarke).

BroJazz features multi-instrumentalist Ben Wallace-Ailsworth on bass and world class saxophonist Joshua Smith (Birth, Scott Amendola Quartet).

Ryan is proficient in jazz, rock, funk, Latin, hip-hop, and many more styles. Ryan is very tour friendly as he has toured all over the country.
Gina April 21, 2016
· Drum · In studio
My teenage son has been taking drum lessons from Ryan for almost two years now. Ryan is the BEST instructor. He is patient with my son and very inspiring. My son enjoys taking lessons from Ryan. Not only is my son learning a lot, he is also gaining more self-confidence. I highly recommend Ryan as a drum instructor.
K April 14, 2016
· Drum · In studio
great instructor! Ryan has taught and continues to tech me a lot in an entertaining way. Unlike other instructors I have had he teaches diverse methods, techniques, and styles. Overall a great experience!
Robert Anthony Morales April 14, 2016
· Drum · In home
Ryan uses all his skills to access the best approach to teach student drummers. His insights go way beyond his youth. Said and done look at all the successful drummers he has tutored.
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Ryan L.

Ryan L.

San Leandro, CA 94578
starting at
$40 / 30-min

About Surya P.

San Pablo, CA
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I am a professional drummer and I have been teaching drumset for 15 years. I teach all styles, particularly funk, jazz, world and rock. I teach how to read music as well. We work on hand technique use the book Stick Control, drum beats and coordination using the book the Funky Primer, and reading rhythmic notation using Syncopation. Part of the lesson is devoted to playing the drum part from with classic recordings and learning exactly what the drums are doing.

About Surya
Hi, there! My name is Surya and I've been teaching private lessons since 2013. I went to the Oberlin Conservatory for percussion, earning a Bachelors of Music in 1999, but I have since moved to include voice and harmonium. I teach voice with the aid of the harmonium, which is a hand-pumped reed organ, and I specialize in sacred music from different parts of the world, particularly India, Africa but also including spiritual songs in English and Hebrew. I'm a patient person and easy-going. My teaching style is based on opening the way for you to express yourself freely. I look forward to he
lping you reach your goals! Go to for more information.
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Surya P.

Surya P.

San Pablo, CA 94806
starting at
$30 / 30-min

About Will J.

Livermore, CA

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I've been playing drums for 18 years and teaching for 3 and it is my goal to get you groovin' just after your very first lesson!

Students will learn strong hand and foot technique, reading and rhythmic theory, rudiments and how to apply them creatively to the drumset, grooves in various different styles, soloing concepts and much much more!

I customize each lesson plan to fit each students needs based on experience and interest.

About Will
Hi there! My name is Will J. and I can’t wait to meet you! Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, hobbyist or professional, I customize each lesson plan to suit your needs and make you the best musician you can be.

As a drummer, I’ve been fortunate to study with some of the world’s top musicians. I hold an AA in Drum Performance from Musicians Institute, and studied privately with many great drummers. Some notable instructors include John Xepoleas, Dave Elitch (Mars Volta, M83, Miley Cyrus), Chris Coleman, Michael Iveson (Gotye) and David Garibaldi (Tower of Power).

It’s my passion and ple
asure to take everything I’ve learned from these experiences and share them with you in a fun and upbeat environment.
Don October 6, 2016
Verified Student · Drum · In studio
Will is a very patient instructor, explains things well, and easy to work with...i highly recommend him...
Adam June 16, 2016
Verified Student · Drum · In studio
Will is GREAT! He is down to earth and on the first lesson he is already customizing my lesson/s to fit my needs! he asked questions of what I know, where do i think i plan on taking this in the future, did some assessments and away we go!

I am TOTALLY looking forward to my next lesson!
Jane Manprasong May 21, 2016
· Drum · In studio
My son has been taking lesson with Will for almost a year and he loves it. Will is a very nice , polite and academic instructor. The lessons given are useful to young musician and easy to follow .Will has years of experiences being on tours with a lots of different bands, I also strongly recommend him to anyone who want to study advance drumming as well .
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Will J.

Will J.

Livermore, CA 94550
starting at
$30 / 30-min

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