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About José G.

Claremont, CA
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- I am a certified Spanish teacher from Spain.
- I have been teaching Spanish for 4 years to different levels: from absolute beginners to people who know Spanish but want to get rid of small mistakes.
- I have experience with all ages, from kids at middle school to adults.
- I have taught in high schools, private schools and college.

I believe that learning a language requires a link between the student and the teacher. Everyone needs to feel comfortable to go through the awkward process of making mistakes in order to make something perfect. I myself have learnt several languages and know many tricks that helped succeed at it.
I am happy to talk with the student and establish the goals and how to work towards them.

About José

My name is José, I am from Spain and I am really excited to be your next Spanish teacher. I have been teaching for a long time and I am currently very involved in the design of teaching materi
als too. I will adapt and design personalized classes according to your needs.

I have been teaching for 4 years and I have ample experience with different age range. Whether you have to prepare for you high school exams or to pass those college classes I am here to help you.

I am a certified teacher from Spain. I majored in English in college and after that I got a M.A. in Education and Spanish teaching for foreigners.

Since then, I have worked for different institutions such as high schools in Spain, Middlebury programs, IES study abroad programs, and I am currently working as a language instructor at Pomona College.

I am passionate about languages and I always try to keep up with the current language learning methodologies in order to offer the best to my students. For this reason, I not only became fluent in English but I learnt (and keep learning) German, French and Italian.

I believe that developing a good atmosphere and helping the students get over the fears of making mistakes is a key factor in language learning, and I will make sure to bring that to our lessons.
Federica March 12, 2019
· Spanish · In home
Best Spanish teacher ever!!!
Cuando empezé a tener clases con José mi nivel de español como segunda lengua era intermedio, pero quería mejorar mi vocabulario académico para expresarme de manera más formal en el entorno universitario y José me ayudó a conseguirlo!
Trabajamos sobre todo con artículos y ensayos que él iba seleccionando para cada clase sobre temas específicos y su método se basaba sobre todo en la práctica y en la conversación, así que la clase no resultaba nunca aburrida!
Además, la experiencia con él fue interesante porque añadía curiosidades y anédoctas que me ayudaron a comprender muchos aspectos de la cultura española.

Highly recommended!

Sarah February 2, 2019
· Spanish · In studio
José is a fantastic Spanish language teacher. I have had him as an instructor in a university setting for two years. He is patient, insightful, and creative in his teaching methods, always keeping students engaged. He has taught me a lot about Spanish popular culture, both thematically and linguistically. He has also provided an appropriate balance of correction and encouragement: he helps me not feel embarrassed about my speaking, while simultaneously correcting my errors as I go. Five stars.
Eloïse February 2, 2019
· Spanish · In home
I would highly recommend Jose. He was very patient with me as I decided to start studying Spanish again at Uni in the US. He actually helped me correct my accent and my grammar very quickly. I appreciated the fact that he was a very open person and that he was also willing to adapt the level of English and Spanish for me as Spanish is a 3rd language for me (I'm French). Really nice and reliable person, I will take more lessons with him.
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José G.

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$18 / 30-min

About Kaitlin R.

Springville, UT

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I love Spanish! I was presented the opportunity to live in Argentina for a year and a half and this started my love for the language. When I got home I proceeded to graduate with a bachelor's degree in Spanish Translation. During this time I worked many jobs that used my Spanish, studied at a university in Spain, and had an internship in Mexico. I have been teaching for a long time and I can help you not only love Spanish, but learn it correctly as well. All ages and levels are welcome and I can help focus on any goals that you have with the language.

About Kaitlin
I am a recently graduated Spanish Translation major living in Utah. I love Spanish and I love teaching.

I spent a year and a half in Argentina where I worked hard to master the language. When I got h
ome, I studied Spanish, lived abroad in Spain and studied at Alcalá University, did an internship in the poorest parts of Mexico helping people learn how to read in write, taught and tutored University Spanish classes, and completed many translation projects.

I will help you love languages. I will help you learn to speak grammatically correct and with correct pronunciation so that Spanish speakers will question if you are a native speaker!
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Kaitlin R.

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$15 / 30-min

About Brittany E.

San Francisco, CA
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Spanish is one of my greatest passions and the best investment of my life! I had the grueling but rewarding process of learning Spanish as an adult. Fours years of rigorous university instruction matched with years of practical application have given me an understanding of what is most critical when it come to utilizing the language. Whether you are looking to learn basic conversation skills or drilling in on the tougher details of grammar I am here to help. In addition to holding a bachelors of Arts in Spanish I also have a Masters in Education and currently work as an administrator of a bilingual school. That being said my teaching practices are engaging, intentional, and tailor made to suit your needs. I look for to working with you and helping you meet your goals with this amazing language!

About Brittany
I am passionate educator with an in depth knowledge of Spanish capable of teaching learners at all levels.

Learning Spanish has been the greatest investment of my life. I began learning the language
at 20 years old and had the grueling yet rewarding experience of learning a second language as an adult. Doing so changed my life not only teaching me what I was capable of achieving but setting the course for my career. After graduating with my bachelors of arts in Spanish, I became a K-8 Spanish teacher working with English speaking students as a second language teacher. This ignited my passion to for languages and education.

Over the past five years I have gone on to use my language skills to support English Language Learners in K-8 classrooms, support adults as an ESL teacher, and working as both a teacher and school administrator in the public school system. I currently work as an administrator in bilingual elementary school and love what I do!

I hold two bachelors degrees in International Studies and Spanish as well as a masters degree in Education. I am passionate about helping my students set goals for their language development and meet them through tailored instruction.

I work with adults and children ages 5 -17. Whether your goals are preparing for a trip to a Spanish speaking country, acing an AP Spanish test, or learning to use Spanish in your professional or personal life, I can help. As a professional educator my lessons are engaging, challenging, and aligned to where you are and what you need. I look forward to working alongside you as you learn this incredible language!
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Brittany E.

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$50 / 30-min


Sun City, AZ
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I am a licensed Spanish teacher for grades 7-12. I learned Spanish, my second language, by living with a Spanish family in Valencia, Spain, and by studying at the University of Valencia for two semesters. I am in my 9th year of teaching Junior High/High School Spanish, and I also have been tutoring Spanish one-on-one as well as group lessons for 7 years.

Thanks to the internet, I invite the world into our lessons! I use many online resources to support all facets of the learning process, i.e., reading, listening, writing, speaking (the highest rung for the skill ladder). This approach enables my students to practice/grow between lessons, AND it exposes them to the many different sounds of Spanish (depending on which of the 21 Spanish-speaking countries the speaker is from). When I am supporting Spanish students, these websites are particularly helpful with more difficult grammar tasks. When the student I am tutoring uses such websites during our lessons, s/he is provided with ...

I am a Licensed Spanish Teacher, and I am fluent, flexible and fun!! I would love to help you with Spanish--whether you are just beginning or in AP classes!

Why? Because I love Spanish! I began lea
rning Spanish in a middle school in the Midwest. It was my second language--just like it is for you. So, I know what helped me remember the vocabulary and the grammar rules, and I am ready to share my personal tips and tricks with you.

My immersion experience included living with a Spanish family in Valencia, Spain, and by studying at the University of Valencia for two semesters. What an eye-opening experience!!

I have completed 9 years of classroom teaching at the Junior High/High School level. I also have been tutoring Spanish since 2012. Besides supporting middle/high school and college students, I also taught a 6-month course to managers at a distribution center for a very popular fast-food chain.

So, when would you like me to start helping you improve your progress in Spanish? I am ready when you are!
Jean July 14, 2019
· ·
Working with Cheryl has been a great experience! She has introduced me to wonderful resources that have enabled me to continue my study on my own. When we work together, I always come away with something new. I feel my Spanish has improved markedly since I began meeting with her once a week. As a person, she certainly is professional, responsive, and punctual. And just as important are her enthusiasm and sense of humor. I wholeheartedly recommend Cheryl.
Nancy July 11, 2019
· Spanish · In home
Cheryl is an outstanding Spanish tutor. She quickly assessed my strengths and weaknesses and immediately provided appropriate lessons. She often emailed me during the week to provide motivation and online sites to use for practice. Cheryl is very knowledgeable, professional and flexible. She makes learning Spanish fun and relatively easy. You won't find a more conscientious tutor who really cares about the success of her students!
Wayne July 10, 2019
· Spanish · In studio
You cannot ask for a better tutor than Cheryl! She goes above and beyond every single time she teaches and I always feel that I have learned so much more each time she is with me! I would highly recommend her as an instructor for anyone that needs extra help to learn Spanish. It is not easy to learn a new language when you are older but she has helped me to get the job I was trying to get but wouldn't have without a second language. Thanks again Cheryl!
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