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Popular Music Teachers Near Windsor

Patrick B.

West Hartford, CT
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Ruth D.

Coventry, CT
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Max S.

West Hartford, CT
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Patrick B. West Hartford, CT

Subjects Taught

Acting, Broadway Singing, English, French, German, Language, Music Performance, Music Theory, Opera Voice, Reading, Singing, Speaking Voice, Theater Acting, Trombone

About Me

Private Music Lessons With a Seasoned Professional!

I am an extremely successful voice and music teacher, music director, and professional singer with openings for new private students.

I have over 15 years experience teaching voice, music theory, and sight reading privately; directing musical ensembles; and performing professionally in OPERA, MUSICAL THEATRE and MANY other styles of music.

ANYONE CAN LEARN TO SING! I believe that with all my heart.
I help my students find their unique, beautiful voices so they can let it out with confidence.

Lessons are fun, creative and 100% interactive. You will learn to sing with more accuracy, confidence and strength. I teach a vocal technique that builds, strengthens, and improves your unique, natural voice.

I also teach and tutor beginner piano, sight singing, ear training, and music theory.

All lessons are available for:
- Male and Female Students 10 years old and older;
- Adult Men and Women 18 and older.


Lessons are taught in the music room at my home in West Hartford, Connecticut, in your home (if you have a keyboard), or online via Skype or Facetime.

A GREAT GIFT for a loved one or friend,

Contact me if you want to learn to sing, sing better, start piano lessons, or or get better grades in music classes!

*** Lesson Details ***
Voice Lessons: You will not only learn how your instrument works, (a vocalist uses their WHOLE BODY to sing), but you will learn how to produce an organic, relaxed, beautiful sound that is healthy and feels great. Lessons progress uniquely per student and are available for all levels of singers from people learning to match pitch and sing on key to singing with a professional sound and interpreting songs and arias.

Beginner Piano and Music Lessons: Depending on your desires and level of musical knowledge, I will tailor your lessons to learn basic piano skills, how to read music, music theory, sight singing, or ear training. Each student is taught as an individual. Together we will create, develop, and accomplish goals that will be extremely rewarding to deepen and improve your understanding of all types of music.

I am also an excellent tutor for High School and College students who are interested in testing out of or improve grades in music classes.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Spacious Music Studio with: Keyboard, Sound System with Wireless Handheld/Stand Mic, Music Stands, Comfortable Couch for Discussion, Table and Chairs for Music Lessons.

*** Travel Equipment ***
Voice: Students need to have access to either a piano or electronic keyboard in a space where the student can learn where there are as few interruptions or distractions as possible.

Other Music Lessons: We will need to work together in a quiet, comfortable space where there are as few interruptions or distractions as possible.

*** Specialties ***
VOICE: My method for vocal technique is to teach healthy singing that can be used for any genre of music from Opera to Musical Theatre to Jazz to Pop.

I teach all levels of voice and music but have found four groups of students incredibly satisfying to teach:

"Newbies": I have had students of all ages who tell me they always wanted to sing but are concerned that they are too old to learn. You are never too old to learn to sing beautifully and with a healthy, strong voice.

"Tone Deaf": I have had great success teaching singers who have always wanted to sing but were told they were tone deaf or that they should not sing. Everyone can learn to sing - not everyone can (or wants to) be an opera singer... but EVERYONE can learn to sing! I am a very patient, kind teacher and delight in helping people fulfill their dreams.

"The Developing Voice (10-18 years old)": Boys, girls, young women and men are able to learn so quickly and are passionate about singing. They are always wonderfully challenging and satisfying students. We not only work on vocal technique, musical interpretation, ear training, and sight reading, we also work on specific repertoire for auditions, solos, shows, concerts, recitals, and competitions.

"50+ Year Old Vocal Development and Maintenance": Students who are over 50 and musically range from people who have always wanted to sing better, to professional singers who want to continue to improve and adapt to the different vocal challenges that develop as the body and voice ages. I love working with people who are over 50 because not only can we set and achieve our goals, but our relationships help me become a better person and teacher with each lesson.

PIANO: I love beginner piano students who really want to learn the basics. The basics a piano student learns with me gives that student a rounded musical education that is the foundation for all further study and improvement. I am not a pianist, I am a singer. However, I play piano almost every day and took piano lessons for many many years including through college. Being able to play piano enables me to be a much better musician, learn songs easily and correctly, and assist my students.

Ruth D. Coventry, CT

Subjects Taught

Opera Voice, Piano, Singing

About Me

Classically trained singer and pianist with over 20 years of teaching experience is here to help you achieve goals of loving music and developing the skills to sing and play well. Instructor has taught at a performing arts high school, community college and private studio. She has a vocal performance degree with a piano minor and has served as a vocal coach, accompanist , choir director and vocal soloist.

*** Lesson Details ***
Lessons include sight singing, technique, and literature for singers. Pianists learn theory, how to read lead sheets, how to compose and play. Auditions and recitals are offered for qualified students. I also help high school students prepare for college auditions.  

*** Studio Equipment ***
yamaha baby grand

*** Specialties ***
Classical, musical theater

Max S. West Hartford, CT

Subjects Taught

Music Performance, Music Theory, Piano, Saxophone

About Me

I have performed with the Juilliard Orchestra, the U.S. Coast Guard Band, and International Opera Theater. As tenor saxophonist in the Ineo Quartet, I received honors in the J.C. Arriaga, Music Teachers National Association (MTNA), and North American Saxophone Alliance (NASA) chamber music competitions. I currently perform with the Asylum Quartet, playing repertoire spanning classical, jazz, klezmer, and indie/electronic music, including many of my own arrangements. I hold a Master's in Music from The Hartt School where I studied with Carrie Koffman, and a Bachelor of Music summa cum laude from Arizona State University (ASU), where I studied with Dr. Timothy McAllister.

I have six years of private teaching experience, including in the USC Thornton Outreach program in Los Angeles, the Renbrook School in West Hartford, and Corner Music in Old Saybrook. Additionally, I completed a ten-week private teaching mentorship at the Hartt Community Division with saxophone instructor Sheri Brown.

Though I specialize in saxophone, I also love teaching beginning and intermediate piano.

*** Lesson Details ***
I strive to make lessons fun, challenging, and inspiring. I love teaching students of all levels.

Here is my teaching philosophy in more detail:

Why learn music? Music shares many the benefits of other subjects. Learning an instrument teaches multi-level techniques of problem solving, responsibility, teamwork, literacy, and self-expression. But unlike any other subject, music unites three domains of learning: psychomotor (physical motion), cognitive (analytical thought), and aesthetic (assessment of artistic beauty). Music is a mode of self-expression shared by all cultures - this powerful universality suggests that music should be part of a well-rounded education. At its most basic, music requires us to learn to listen. The process of listening and learning from others is fundamental to human civilization, and music helps us develop listening skills to their full potential.

Why learn the saxophone? Invented in 1856, the saxophone is a relatively young instrument. Yet in its short history, the saxophone has rocketed to immense popularity. The saxophone plays well with others - in jazz combos and big bands, concert bands, saxophone quartets, and reed quintets - and projects effortlessly as a solo instrument. A hybrid between woodwind and brass instruments, the instrument is capable of the softest murmurs, the loudest bellows and honks, lovely singing lines, agile leaps and mesmerizing runs, and much more. Studying the saxophone offers the student access to stylistic variety and rich performance traditions second to none. Yet as a young instrument, the saxophone beckons with endless unexplored possibilities to the creative performer.

Why learn with me? The famous violin teacher Shinichi Suzuki wondered, "Japanese children can all speak Japanese!...How, by what means, does this come about?" We all now know the answer. Japanese children have abundant access to great models of Japanese-speaking: the adults around them. So as a teacher, I seek to provide a great model of saxophone playing. I rely on teaching by example, and encourage students to learn by ear whenever possible. In conjunction with ear training, I address fundamentals (breathing, tone production, articulation, voicing, reading music, and technique) in every lesson, so that students develop great technical ability on the instrument. Finally, I hope to provide a model of responsibility, empathy, and creativity, which I believe are central to our development as musicians and people.

*** Travel Equipment ***
Students should have a working saxophone with appropriate mouthpiece and reeds (with my help if needed!), a music stand, and other lesson materials (metronome, tuner, notebook, method books / pieces, personal recording device, etc.). I often provide handouts of music and exercises in lessons.

*** Specialties ***
I specialize in classical saxophone, but also have experience performing, studying, and teaching jazz. My goal is to give students a solid set of fundamentals in saxophone playing, forge strong aural and reading skills, and engender a broad curiosity in listening habits. I believe modeling is key. Of course, I want students to internalize and replicate a good saxophone sound. But I also want students to form the critical listening skills of mimicking and blending with other musicians. I believe these things will enable them to excel as musicians in any field.

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